Skout Looking to Assist People Facing Hunger

While Skout is known as a dating application, it is putting its infrastructure and ability to network to good use by donating food to help 20,000 people from facing hunger. The company is not able to do this on its own, but it has the drive to work with the community of San Francisco, which is why it recently partnered with SF-Marin Food Bank in order to bring the money to these 20,000 people.

So first, some people might wonder why it is focusing on San Francisco out of all the other cities in the country (and in the world). Well, it actually is rather obvious as the company is based out of San Francisco. So, it just wants to give back to the community it is based out of. With the homeless population San Francisco on the higher end of the spectrum (at least in California), Skout decided to put the money it has raised through its app development to good use.

March 14 is also National Potato Chip Day. With the Potato Chip Day, Skout wanted to mark the day as a point where it could give back food to the local community. So, throughout the day on March 14, the application sent out notices to users of the app with a request to send out “virtual bags” of the potato chip.

The managers at Skout pointed out that it would be very important to feed those in need, mainly because people while making the same amount of money they might have made a few years ago, the cost of living is higher than ever before (with San Francisco remaining one of the most expensive cities not just in the United States but the entire world).

This is not the first time Skout has helped raise funds to feed those in need throughout San Francisco and Marin. In 2015, the company did a similar donation drive, only this time for the National Grilled Cheese Day. In all, the company managed to serve 10,000 people at the participating Food Banks. With the idea of doubling this number for 2016, the company is very thrilled with the turnout.

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  1. For every virtual bag of potato chips that was sent through the application, Skout would make a cash donation to the San Francisco Marin Food Bank with an eventual goal of feeding 20,000 people in the two neighboring cities. This will become what paper writing services has always appreciated too for a long time.

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