Usage tips and tricks for the WEN Line of Hair Products

If you followed the 3 step process when it comes to the application and rinsing process of the WEN hair products there are some extra usage tips to make the experience even more pleasurable. This product line on by Chaz Dean the celebrity stylist recommends to re-apply a small amount of cleansing conditioner to the ends of your hair after you have completely rinsed out the cleansing conditioner in step 3 of the process. This will act like a leave in conditioner and provide for an extra silky smooth and shiny finish. For even better results Chaz Dean recommends to cleanse, rinse and repeat using only half the amount of product that was suggested and then using the second half on a repeat of the cleanse, rinse and repeat process. This way the user can put their hair through a second run of the product and get even more benefit from its active natural ingredients. This will provide users with the desired effects of more volume, thicker stronger look and a very shiny and bold head of hair. Look nothing short of professional every time the WEN hair cleansing conditioner is applied. It really does give the feel of a spa-treatment but within your own four walls.

Emily McClure made this discovery recently in a full page article she wrote on BUSTLE, explaining her experience in great detail. Using Wen hair products both mornings and evenings the only complaint was not using it frequently enough and not enjoying the benefits on a daily.

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