Dick DeVos Continues His Support For School Choice

Dick DeVos is a man who puts a considerable amount of his personal funds into political causes. A top donor to members of the Republican Party, Devos is an extremely influential individual. Recently, DeVos has come out in favor of school choice. Some may have heard about school choice, but are not completely familiar with what it entails. News reports surrounding DeVos’ endorsement of school choice is sure to raise awareness.

School choice focuses on providing vouchers to families so they may send their children to charter schools. The distribution of vouchers is considered an alternative to requiring young ones to attend public schools. A number of parents would prefer more options, and school choice extends an option. DeVos considers his work in supporting school choice to be a form of “education philanthropy”. Dick DeVos is a long-time proponent of education reform.

The school choice movement started out rather small 15 years ago. Slowly, over the course of time, interest in school choice increased significantly.

Dick DeVos’ support helps with this process. Dick DeVos does have the financial means to provide assistance to the cause. As an owner of the Orlando Magic, his has the ability to be a reliable and effective donor. 

Look for school choice to become a popular topic in political circle in coming election cycles.

Learn more about Dick’s venture into his own business post his Amway career here >> http://dickdevos.com/biography/

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