George Soros Warns European Union and other Countries in Mortal Danger

Turkey has already spent more than $8 billion dollars on caring for Syrian refugees. The country that shares a 566 miles border with Syria has allowed all who want to enter the country to do so in order to escape the Civil War now in its fifth year that has claimed more than 200,000 people. Turkey has already spent more than $4 billion dollars to care for Syrian refugees most of which live in 21 refugee camps.

In Jordan, the Zaatari Refugee Camp has become the country’s fourth largest city already costing the country more than $4 billion and over stretching the country’s water and power supplies, housing and education. The crisis has also caused prices for electricity and food to raise substantially.

In Lebanon, a country already dealing with over 400,000 Palestinian refugees, refugees are often forced into the already overcrowded Pakistan refugee camps. The country on estimates that it has lost over $7.5 billion dollars due to the refugees doubling the nation’s deficit, raising the unemployment rate to over 20 percent and reducing the country’s gross domestic product.

The problem does not only affect those outside the European Union. Greece has accepted over 300,000 refugees with its Coast Guard regularly performing rescues at sea. Those lucky enough to escape conditions in Syria are often left with very few choices. The European Union must understand that ignoring the growing crisis puts the union in mortal danger says George Soros in a CNBC article.

George Soros says that the solution in the European Union is to create one asylum policy that is effective across all 28 countries. This policy should let refugees effectively move from the south to the north where most refugees want to live. Furthermore, all European Union countries should help bare the cost equally through the sale of bonds to be paid for through increased value-added taxes. George Soros also believes that the union should help support Jordan, Turkey and other countries where refugees first seek assistance. George Soros urges that if this is not done and countries try to continue paying for the refugees a little at a time that it will end the European Union who could not stand up under the financial and political costs.

The billionaire investor is already active in the area through his Open Society Foundation. He is working with non-governmental organizations to improve conditions in refugee camps throughout the region. He is also working with journalists to produce documentaries helping to spread news about the plight of the refugees that might result in private sponsorships.

He encourages governments around the globe to help share the burden. For example, many senators are calling on the United States to accept more refugees. The United States has promised $1 billion to Lebanon to help the situation there, however, they have only accepted 14 refugees.

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  1. He is also working to get refugees the help that they need to take advantage of the laws that are already in place. George Soros feels that the refugee crisis should be everyone’s problem. I also would like them to write my paper for me and also to ensure everything works so well for me.

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