Marc Sparks Advancing the Entrepreneurial Culture for Positive Socioeconomic Realignment

Marc Sparks’ story confirms that one should never stop dreaming big and achieving big dreams is possible. Marc Sparks graduated in 1975 with a high school diploma, which would be his closest point to a degree.

Although he never got a chance to join a college, he never lost hope and he maintained his zeal for success; he immediately ventured into business and created several startups.

He has achieved success in real estate, capital investments and telecommunications, all courtesy of his unwavering spirit to achieve his goals.

Among companies he managed and traded include Reliant Healthcare (2006 – 2011), which focused on inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation and healthcare provision.

He also manages Cobalt Real Estate Service (from 2009 to date), a commercial and multi-family property management and sales company based in Texas.

His strong enthusiasm and energy has earned him acclaim among his peers, including people who have graduated with college degrees.

Author and mentor

Marc Sparks has authored a book titled They Can’t Eat You, which summarizes his frustrations and how he rose from his struggles into becoming a renowned entrepreneur and venture capitalist. The book highlights the problems most startup entrepreneurs face and why some businesses fail at the initial stages of establishment.

Marc Sparks offers readers tips and advice on how they can overcome obstacles in the business world. Despite the fact he did not pursue college education, Marc Sparks has mastered the business environment and can very effectively predict the movement of financial commodities.  Learn more about Marc Sparks:

Having faith in your business and maintaining simplicity is among virtues that have driven him to success. He advises upcoming entrepreneurs to always have a business strategy and to offer unique products that can be differentiated from the rest in the market.

Most importantly, Marc Sparks encourages entrepreneurs to uphold work ethics and a never-say-die attitude towards all their projects.

Inspiring social success through Spark Tank

Spark Tank is a program that Marc Sparks and his associate Lynne launched in a bid to enhance social success. The program invites applications from professionals in the social service sectors to present their unique ideas.

Marc Sparks’ objective in this program is to impact lives with the resources available in the society. It is structured like a competition that will pick only the best ideas. Read more: @msparks5010

There are several panelists selected to review the ideas and to choose finalists, who will be given an opportunity to present their ideas on a designated day. The application window will be open until July 15, 2015, to pave way for selection and preparation.

Beneful® Wet Dog Food Varieties For Your Dog’s Health

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Beneful® Wet Dog Food Simmered Chicken Medley features the chicken, wild rice, and green beans that dogs crave. Feel free to serve this meal on its own, or mix it with other foods as a treat. This wet food variety comes in a plastic tub you can reseal.

Beneful® Wet Dog Food Beef Stew with carrots, rice, peas, and barley is packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Like all Beneful® varieties, this blend combines savory taste with proper nutrition to keep your dog healthy for years to come.

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Compliance Officers, What They Can Provide and Fix

What is a Compliance Officer and what do they do? Many may not have heard of this term but there is a simple reason why. This type of career has not been around for a very long time. With this being said the need for such a person goes without saying. These people are able to identify problems plus fix them and make sure they do not rear their ugly heads again. Many focus solely on their own positions which leaves their profession susceptible to possible problems that may arise. How could problems arise that needs such a profession? Simply put federal and state rules and regulations can gather into a huge black cloud. With the presence of a Compliance Officer these are not forgotten till they become a problem. A small portion of companies that could benefit from this are: banks, insurance, and gaming companies.

With many different rules put in place for companies be they from the government or likewise it can be easy to fall behind or simply forget a few of them. The compliance officer is there to help make sure everything is in place and being followed. One of the many roles the compliance officer fills is to be sure employees of a business don’t make a mistake that can result in involvement of government officials such as the IRS or police officers. Some of the skills compliance officers need to possess are technical and people skills. Along with these skills the ability to influence the company’s leaders is also a very needed skill. With the ability to influence the leaders of the company problems that can slip through the cracks or just don’t want to be dealt with can be met head on before they fester into something uncontrollable.

With such a growing need of this new career universities are now offering the needed curriculum for a suitable degree program.  Along with those needs to be met another thing to consider is the fact that many companies aren’t just national but instead international. Compliance officers can help with regulations, cultural, and language differences that go along with international companies. Keeping in mind that regulations differ from one country to the next.

Check out Helane Morrison on LinkedIn for a detailed information.

Complaints And How White Shark Media Avoids Them

Any business that is worth their salt could run into customer complaints at any time. When the customer is important to the business, the business will listen to the customer and take action to fix all or as many of the issues as they can in a timely fashion. That is what they did at White Shark Media.

Building a successful company that meets the needs of customers and listens to those customers is no easy task, but White SHark Media undertands how important their customer’s needs are. As a result they have spent countless hours fixing issues that arose from compliments and complaints.

The best way to avoid customer complaints is to fix the issues at hand quickly. White Shark Media has adjusted their service so that all of the things that were brought to their attention by a customer, both negative or positive were addressed. This lead to better customer service and higher customer retention, which could not happen without satisfied customers.

So, you might be wondering how each issue was addressed and handled. When customers said they wanted better communication, White Shark Media took steps to make sure that communication was improved on all levels. They started monthly status call by using GoToMeeting. This allowed clients and SEM Strategists to communicate. The next thing White Shark Media did was add phone numbers with direct extensions. That means you can call them and talk to your strategist on the phone, in real time.

Another issue that was handled was that some people felt their old campaigns were performing better that their new ones. So, new procedures were put in place to help fix these issues. One thing that people requested that White Shark Media does not offer is SEO services.

However, since they know about these services and how to improve results, they are willing to review all SEO proposals and any work offered by your SEO company to help keep you running in the right direction. Read more: and

If one White Shark Media consultant is not in tune with you on some level, they will change reps for you. The same goes for campaigns that you are running. If something isn’t working for you, White Shark Media will take steps to make it work and to create improvement.

They will help you track your AdWords performance and even help set everything up often free of charge. They can even help you track your phone customers and more.