Complaints And How White Shark Media Avoids Them

Any business that is worth their salt could run into customer complaints at any time. When the customer is important to the business, the business will listen to the customer and take action to fix all or as many of the issues as they can in a timely fashion. That is what they did at White Shark Media.

Building a successful company that meets the needs of customers and listens to those customers is no easy task, but White SHark Media undertands how important their customer’s needs are. As a result they have spent countless hours fixing issues that arose from compliments and complaints.

The best way to avoid customer complaints is to fix the issues at hand quickly. White Shark Media has adjusted their service so that all of the things that were brought to their attention by a customer, both negative or positive were addressed. This lead to better customer service and higher customer retention, which could not happen without satisfied customers.

So, you might be wondering how each issue was addressed and handled. When customers said they wanted better communication, White Shark Media took steps to make sure that communication was improved on all levels. They started monthly status call by using GoToMeeting. This allowed clients and SEM Strategists to communicate. The next thing White Shark Media did was add phone numbers with direct extensions. That means you can call them and talk to your strategist on the phone, in real time.

Another issue that was handled was that some people felt their old campaigns were performing better that their new ones. So, new procedures were put in place to help fix these issues. One thing that people requested that White Shark Media does not offer is SEO services.

However, since they know about these services and how to improve results, they are willing to review all SEO proposals and any work offered by your SEO company to help keep you running in the right direction. Read more: and

If one White Shark Media consultant is not in tune with you on some level, they will change reps for you. The same goes for campaigns that you are running. If something isn’t working for you, White Shark Media will take steps to make it work and to create improvement.

They will help you track your AdWords performance and even help set everything up often free of charge. They can even help you track your phone customers and more.