Marc Sparks Advancing the Entrepreneurial Culture for Positive Socioeconomic Realignment

Marc Sparks’ story confirms that one should never stop dreaming big and achieving big dreams is possible. Marc Sparks graduated in 1975 with a high school diploma, which would be his closest point to a degree.

Although he never got a chance to join a college, he never lost hope and he maintained his zeal for success; he immediately ventured into business and created several startups.

He has achieved success in real estate, capital investments and telecommunications, all courtesy of his unwavering spirit to achieve his goals.

Among companies he managed and traded include Reliant Healthcare (2006 – 2011), which focused on inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation and healthcare provision.

He also manages Cobalt Real Estate Service (from 2009 to date), a commercial and multi-family property management and sales company based in Texas.

His strong enthusiasm and energy has earned him acclaim among his peers, including people who have graduated with college degrees.

Author and mentor

Marc Sparks has authored a book titled They Can’t Eat You, which summarizes his frustrations and how he rose from his struggles into becoming a renowned entrepreneur and venture capitalist. The book highlights the problems most startup entrepreneurs face and why some businesses fail at the initial stages of establishment.

Marc Sparks offers readers tips and advice on how they can overcome obstacles in the business world. Despite the fact he did not pursue college education, Marc Sparks has mastered the business environment and can very effectively predict the movement of financial commodities.  Learn more about Marc Sparks:

Having faith in your business and maintaining simplicity is among virtues that have driven him to success. He advises upcoming entrepreneurs to always have a business strategy and to offer unique products that can be differentiated from the rest in the market.

Most importantly, Marc Sparks encourages entrepreneurs to uphold work ethics and a never-say-die attitude towards all their projects.

Inspiring social success through Spark Tank

Spark Tank is a program that Marc Sparks and his associate Lynne launched in a bid to enhance social success. The program invites applications from professionals in the social service sectors to present their unique ideas.

Marc Sparks’ objective in this program is to impact lives with the resources available in the society. It is structured like a competition that will pick only the best ideas. Read more: @msparks5010

There are several panelists selected to review the ideas and to choose finalists, who will be given an opportunity to present their ideas on a designated day. The application window will be open until July 15, 2015, to pave way for selection and preparation.

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