The Kabbalah Religion and The Kabbalah Center International In Los Angeles

Kabbalah is the form o Judaism in a mystical way. In plain language, it is referred to as the Jewish mysticism that dates back to the era of the second Temple. This is approximately four decades before the coming of Jesus Christ. For many years now, the Kabbalah religion has been in existence as a carefully safeguarded mouth tradition before it became dispersed and systemized in the middle era ages. The world view of the Kabbalists was most importantly expressed by Yalkut Re’uveni in 1960 by Reuben Hoeshke. The religion has also made way into the prayer books, ethics, and popular custom books.

The Kabbalah focus is the immanence and the simultaneous transcendence of God. With the latter in the description regarding the sefirot which are the man attributes of God. In total, ten main sefirot come from God, and they are the ones he used in creating the universe. Each of the sefirot has a very correspondence in the life if a human being. This is the hidden aspect of God and his religion to humanity, and that can better be understood by revelation and speculation. The hidden side of God is often referred as the feminine side of God which complements the external and masculine in the Tanach. This aspect or rather the female side of God is also called the Shekhinah which is traditionally referred to the divine presence as well as the light that is associated with it.

In addition to the divine and modern Kabbalah, it includes the magic, astrology teachings, numerology as well as an incorporation of eastern ideas like the chakras and the auras. Hebrew was formed by the infinite being and has intrinsic holiness and meaning. Every letter that is in the Kabbalist religion is a reality that God created.

The Kabbalah Centre International is a nonprofit based organization that has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California. It provides courses in Kabbalistic and Zohar teachings through online and the city based center for the teachings and the study groups.

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JustFab: A Shooting Startup

JustFab is an online fashion, e-commerce startup which primarily sells shoes. JustFab does however; sell handbags, jewelry and clothing. It is based out of EL Segundo, California, and began in 2010. JustFab, Incorporated is the corporation behind Fabletics and ShoeDazzle also.

Its founders are Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. [1] According to, The New York Times, the company has named a new president. It is Todd Tappin, who is also the chief financial officer.

This went into effect June 30, of this year. Todd Tappin has taken startup companies through the initial public offering process. JustFab, however, has not yet gone public.

In its latest valuation of August, 2014, its worth was $1 billion dollars. It has a total equity funding of $250 million dollars, which makes it a member of the Unicorn club. In other words, it is a company with at a least one billion dollars invested by venture capital firms.

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It has expanded to Spain and France. Visitors of the site complete a visual online survey in which they select their favorite shoe styles.

The shoes are very affordable at only $39.95 for two pair. That is a new VIP member exclusive price. They also offer free shipping for orders over $39.00. They sell jewelry with interesting names like, “Love Lockdown”.

They have fashionable clothing, which appears to go well with the shoes that they sell. World-renowned model, Kimora Lee Simmons, was the former president of the company. [2] .

Celebrities such as Kendra Leigh Baskett, Christina Milian and Dania Ramirez have all been photographed with JustFab shoes either in their hands or on their persons. The clothing range in size from extra small to three levels of plus sizes.

Don Ressler: A Successful Entrepreneur

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are behind a number of successful start-ups including Intelligence Beauty and its subsidiaries including Justfab and Fabletics. Their first start-up, Fitness Heaven was bought by Intermix Media in 2001. Don Ressler combined efforts with the then 19 year old Adam Goldenberg to form Alena Media. The e-commerce advertising venture generated millions of profits becoming Intermix’s only profitable division.

In 2005, Intermix Media was acquired by News Corporation. Goldenberg and Don Ressler were frustrated to watch their successful e-commerce venture taken for granted by the media conglomerate and after months of torture and confusion, they parted to explore new opportunities.

With the knowledge that they accumulated in the field of online performance advertising, they rejoined after a few years and decided to create a brand building enterprise that they could execute independently. They gathered a team comprising colleagues from Alena Media and organized a brainstorming meeting in Adam’s living room.

Brand Ideas’ first creation was DERMSTORE, an online platform that retailed cosmetics and skincare products. A few years later, they brought in Dr. Alan, a product development manager, and Brett Brewer, the founder of Intermix Media. The company then rebranded into Intelligent Beauty immediately after launching a weight-loss system, SENSA. Though the company did not publicize its financial profits, both DERMSTORE and SENSA were very profitable.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg did not lose their entrepreneurial focus. In 2010, they unveiled their third subscription e-commerce start-up, a fashion retailing line branded as JustFab. They received funding from Matrix Partners and appointed Kimora Lee Simmons as their creative and president of the company. JustFab became the fastest growing e-commerce fashion retailer attracting a record 4 million members in 2011.

Later, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg discovered that many of their clients were parents and athletes. They, therefore, bought two fashion subscription services, Fabkids and Fabletics in 2013. They also acquired a European shoe subscription site Fab Shoes the same year.

With the knowledge and experience of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, JustFab is expected to have a unique ability to capitalize on the rising needs in e-commerce. The company plans to introduce fun and social experiences to its traditional e-commerce model to give women more than just the website to buy their product line, but also feature designs that will make them feel special.