JustFab: A Shooting Startup

JustFab is an online fashion, e-commerce startup which primarily sells shoes. JustFab does however; sell handbags, jewelry and clothing. It is based out of EL Segundo, California, and began in 2010. JustFab, Incorporated is the corporation behind Fabletics and ShoeDazzle also.

Its founders are Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. [1] According to, The New York Times, the company has named a new president. It is Todd Tappin, who is also the chief financial officer.

This went into effect June 30, of this year. Todd Tappin has taken startup companies through the initial public offering process. JustFab, however, has not yet gone public.

In its latest valuation of August, 2014, its worth was $1 billion dollars. It has a total equity funding of $250 million dollars, which makes it a member of the Unicorn club. In other words, it is a company with at a least one billion dollars invested by venture capital firms.

Learn more about JustFab:
It has expanded to Spain and France. Visitors of the site complete a visual online survey in which they select their favorite shoe styles. Www.justfab.com.

The shoes are very affordable at only $39.95 for two pair. That is a new VIP member exclusive price. They also offer free shipping for orders over $39.00. They sell jewelry with interesting names like, “Love Lockdown”.

They have fashionable clothing, which appears to go well with the shoes that they sell. World-renowned model, Kimora Lee Simmons, was the former president of the company. [2] .

Celebrities such as Kendra Leigh Baskett, Christina Milian and Dania Ramirez have all been photographed with JustFab shoes either in their hands or on their persons. The clothing range in size from extra small to three levels of plus sizes.