‘Tis the Season for Understanding with Securus Technologies

Misconceptions can have devastating consequences for the world. Currently, there is a crisis about the American prison system. Essentially, people never take into consideration that plenty of people who are incarcerated are innocent and awaiting trial or they are there as a result of a minor crime and the inability to hire a reputable attorney. Whatever your standpoint may be, there is no denying the impact this has on families throughout the country. Personally, I support Securus Technologies for the very fact that they keep families together when it matters the most, including the holidays.

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Christmas is the definition of a family time. Video visitation brings families together on Christmas by allowing them to share some of the day together. Whether it is a father watching his son open his gifts or to share a few, “I love yous,” to make it through the rest of the term, these visitations are fundamental and will make the rehabilitation process more effective for prisoners across the globe. Of course, childhood development is crucial and fragile, so when a child is still able to see their loved one, they are protected and preparing for a better adulthood.


Securus Technologies is a company based in Texas. Currently, their technology is seen in 3,400 correction facilities and has assisted over 1.2 million inmates as well as their families. Though this technology plays its role in the lives of the inmates, it also helps a correction facility’s personnel stay savvy to their own inmates in a manner that will only contribute to a safer environment that truly betters the prisoners for when they are ready to be released.


The high-tech solutions proposed by Securus mean so much more than a way to stay in contact with families. The presence of this technology in correctional institutions introduces inmates to new technology in order to abate the initial shock of being beyond their walls. When an inmate is released from prison, the modern world often is too intimidating for them to transition back into, a reality that often sends them back to jail. Securus plays a crucial part in sustaining a healthy balance in the world and bringing families together on Christmas is just one of the many things to appreciate about these technologies.


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Adam Goldenberg and His Success

A man of many talents Adam Goldenberg is a well known name in the fashion industry. His way of spotting new trends, and putting that skill to use in a business is one of the many reasons he has been so successful.

Adam Goldenberg founded his first company Gamers Alliance when he was barely 15 years old. He eventually sold his fledgling company to the parent company of MySpace, called Intermix Media in 1999. He was eventually invited to work at Intermix as Vice President of Strategic Planning, quitting high school to do so. By the time Adam Goldenberg turned twenty he was already made Chief Operating Officer of Intermix Media. Goldenberg was also the youngest COO of a publicly traded company.

This success eventually led to Goldenberg meeting his future partner Don Ressler. Don Ressler was an entrepreneur and a specialist in brand building who had sold his own company, FitnessHaven.com, to Intermix Media in 2001. Don Ressler had with his undertakings managed to make over $1 billion in sales and another $100 million for various internet companies.

It did not take long for the two to become fast friends as evidenced by when Intermix Media was acquired by News Corporation, in 2005 they decided to create their own company. They made an e-commerce incubator platform called Intelligent Beauty. Over time they had established several brands as leaders in the health and beauty markets.

Eventually they came up with a new idea to personalize a shopping experience that would thrive online. Their goal was to merge social interaction with the latest and greatest fashion trends, all at an affordable price.

They capitalized on this idea by largely following three things for this to work in an online environment. It needed to be fun, engaging, and very social. After many successes and additions to Goldenberg and Ressler’s team and contacts, JustFab was born. JustFab was perhaps the greatest indicator that they had succeeded what they had set out to do. JustFab had perfected the nailing of personalization, deliverance of quality products and the best use of the subscription model. JustFab has millions of subscriptions worldwide and their business will only continue to grow.

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Raj Fernando’s Rise From The Bottom To The Top Of The Financial Industry

Utilizing his expertise in global financial markets as well as advances in technology, Raj Fernando started his career as a volunteer while he attended college.

While working at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange during and after graduating from Beloit College he climbed the corporate ladder following years of various trading positions.

Fernando’s twenty five years of experience in the international finance markets also takes in founding Chopper Trading in 2002, a Chicago-based proprietary trading firm which he grew to more than 250 employees with offices not only in Chicago but also in New York, London, San Francisco, Washington, DC and Munich. Fernando sold the company to DRW Trading Group last year.

His work at Chopper Trading varied from planning, putting services into operation and administering risk management to buying and selling as well as keeping an eye on the financial industry’s source code safety measures.

Earlier this year Fernando launched an Internet startup, Scoutahead.com, he developed as a platform for both individuals and companies to acquire confidential information and reviews from the people they trust. Fernando functions as its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

In addition to his business proficiency, Fernando’s philanthropy efforts encompass the Brookings Institute’s Foreign Policy Leadership Committee, the American Security Project and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. He has also been a contributor to Wounded Warriors and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago.

His generosity also extends to political contributions to Democratic candidates, including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and he serves on the Board for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the Board for PAWS Chicago.

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Eric Pulier Contributes To Society And Is Quite Successfull

Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and successful businessman. He began successfully working and database computers while in high school. That is when he started his first business he attended Harvard University in 1984 and became the editor of the Harvard crimson. While at Harvard he majored in American literature in English while also taking classes at MIT. He graduated in 1988 magna cum laude.

Eric Pulier started a company called People Doing Things in 1991 after moving to Los Angeles California. People Doing Things helps individuals in the areas of education, and health care along with other related humanitarian issues. Digital Evolution was created by Eric Pulier in 1994 and was later merged with us Interactive LLC. The merger in 1998 directed Eric Pulier to create Starbright, a worldwide social network that was created for the chronically ill children where they could interact with one another and chat, blog, and create content for others.

The Presidential Inaugural Committee selected pulley for 1997 to oversee the presidential technology exhibition. It was called the “bridge to the 21st century” and after the exhibition, he was an advisor to the healthcare and Technology Forum led by vice president Al Gore. He is also involved with the Clinton Global Initiative as a supporter and a participant.

Eric Pulier has dedicated his career to advancing the world around him and has used his experience and knowledge to create successful businesses and philanthropic endeavors that benefit various groups of needy people around the world. He continues to work toward creating successful environments to assist people in moving in a positive direction in their life while creating successful businesses that will facilitate those endeavors.

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Giving Back & Persisting Towards Your Future With Eric Pulier

John Goullet Continues To Inspire IT Staffing Trends In The Competitive Landscape

Despite the American dominance in the information technology sector, recent news mostly focuses on IT skills of individuals from developing countries. The rising competition from other countries also means that IT staffing firms in America must find innovative solutions for recruiting talent, which is needed to fuel the growing appetite of the tech-savvy American consumers. Luckily, it seems that leaders of American IT firms are aware of the changing patterns. For instance, Diversant, is among the leading IT staffing firms in the nation that are focusing on putting the emphasis back on the American workforce.

Diversant is a New Jersey based IT staffing firm that is also known as the largest African-American owned company in its industry. Besides, it is also a certified minority owned business. Both these distinctions mean that the leadership at Diversant actively focus on the diversity in the American workforce. By fostering diversity, the IT staffing firm ensures that almost all high-level American firms are able to find talented IT individuals for their projects.

While it may seem that Diversant only helps minorities, legal immigrants with IT skills and professionals with rare qualifications, nothing can be farther from the truth. In fact, Diversant continues to help Americans from all facades of life to pursue their dreams. For instance, the STAR program helps U.S. veterans get entry-level IT training at an accredited facility and the opportunity to work onsite for some of our Fortune 500 clients. Besides, there are a number of other initiatives in the planning phase.

Perhaps, such innovation comes naturally to Diversant as its leadership team is known for its vision. Its Principal, John Goullet is a shining example of innovation as he is the former head of Info Technologies, which became one of the top to fastest growing firms in the nations in only five years. Acknowledging his vision, the current CEO of Diversant, Gene Waddy, merged his company with Goullet’s Info Technologies, in 2010.

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Better Things Await North Texas Communities Following James Dondero’s New Partnership

James Dondero is the co-founder of the most experienced and the largest alternative investment managers, Highland Capital Management. In addition, he serves as the president of the firm that operates from Dallas. James Dondero’s hands-on management approach also applies to charitable giving. Despite of his company operating globally, he invests a large part of his giving locally.

James noted that their efforts to identify partners that would help them control their philanthropic budget led to Mary Jalonick as well as her team of professionals. Highland’s annual charitable giving budget had grown to over $3 million. Jalonick is the chief executive officer as well as the president of The Dallas Foundation.

James Dondero said that they picked The Dallas Foundation because of its achievements in the nonprofit area. It was also well rooted in the North Texas community. Jalonick alongside Jim evaluated policies for a charitable framework, which would be bold, aspirational, as well as effective. As a result, the Highland Dallas Foundation Inc was created to compliment The Dallas Foundation’s work.

In his philanthropic efforts, Jim has supported veteran, healthcare, and education initiatives in the Dallas community. He has expanded his charitable engagement to various civic organizations, which include The Bush Presidential Library, The Dallas Zoo, and The Perot Museum. Jim has accomplished that by partnering with The Dallas Foundation.

His business sharpness aligns with his philanthropic strategy. According to Jalonick, Jim employs multi-year grants in his philanthropy. They are crucial to nonprofit organizations due to their longevity as a sustainable source of funding.

Recently, Jim and The Dallas Foundation worked together in hiring Linda Owen, the Woodall Rodgers Foundation’s former CEO. She was also the foundation’s president. Serving in The Dallas Foundation, Owen focuses on Highland Dallas Foundation Inc. She works with nonprofit partners to achieve Jim’s vision of enhancing life in North Texas.

About James Dondero
James Dondero obtained the highest honors in accounting and finance when he graduated from the University of Virginia. Before creating Highland Capital Management, Jim worked in leading firms starting in 1984 to 1993. He held senior positions in GIC as well as American Express.

Dondero is a chartered financial analyst, certified public accountant, and a certified management accountant. His focus has been on high-yield in addition to distressed investing for the period he has worked in the credit and equity markets. James Dondero has been a pioneer with the collateralized loan obligation market. Presently, Jim is the president of Highland Capital Management.
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Talk Fusion: The Future of Chat

For the second time this year, Talk Fusion has received an award. This honor was received for Talk Fusion’s exceptional achievements in the industry. The award for, “2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award,” was presented by the CEO of Technology Marketing Corporation Rich Tehrani.

Talk Fusion made its debut in 2007 and it has been improving ever since. Founder and CEO Bob Regina sees that the company gives back and has given back to the community and animal charities.

Talk Fusion is a video chat that gives its users the ability to video chat with others anywhere, anytime and on multiple platforms. This program is available through iTunes and Google Play for both Android and iOS devices. users can access the program on computers as well as the handheld devices. Talk Fusion’s cross-platform video services use a WebRTC technology.

Talk Fusion is now offering a free trial for users to get to see the product in action before purchasing. The free-trial is for a full 30 days and is offered at their website http://www.talkfusioninstantpay.com/. There is a strong social presence for the company online and they have a Facebook page www.facebook.com/TalkFusion.

According to Talk Fusion’s CEO, Talk Fusion’s IT depart is working hard to ensure that the company continues to perform above industry standards. The company is working to ensure it stays above the rest for digital and video voice services.

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