John Goullet Continues To Inspire IT Staffing Trends In The Competitive Landscape

Despite the American dominance in the information technology sector, recent news mostly focuses on IT skills of individuals from developing countries. The rising competition from other countries also means that IT staffing firms in America must find innovative solutions for recruiting talent, which is needed to fuel the growing appetite of the tech-savvy American consumers. Luckily, it seems that leaders of American IT firms are aware of the changing patterns. For instance, Diversant, is among the leading IT staffing firms in the nation that are focusing on putting the emphasis back on the American workforce.

Diversant is a New Jersey based IT staffing firm that is also known as the largest African-American owned company in its industry. Besides, it is also a certified minority owned business. Both these distinctions mean that the leadership at Diversant actively focus on the diversity in the American workforce. By fostering diversity, the IT staffing firm ensures that almost all high-level American firms are able to find talented IT individuals for their projects.

While it may seem that Diversant only helps minorities, legal immigrants with IT skills and professionals with rare qualifications, nothing can be farther from the truth. In fact, Diversant continues to help Americans from all facades of life to pursue their dreams. For instance, the STAR program helps U.S. veterans get entry-level IT training at an accredited facility and the opportunity to work onsite for some of our Fortune 500 clients. Besides, there are a number of other initiatives in the planning phase.

Perhaps, such innovation comes naturally to Diversant as its leadership team is known for its vision. Its Principal, John Goullet is a shining example of innovation as he is the former head of Info Technologies, which became one of the top to fastest growing firms in the nations in only five years. Acknowledging his vision, the current CEO of Diversant, Gene Waddy, merged his company with Goullet’s Info Technologies, in 2010.

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