‘Tis the Season for Understanding with Securus Technologies

Misconceptions can have devastating consequences for the world. Currently, there is a crisis about the American prison system. Essentially, people never take into consideration that plenty of people who are incarcerated are innocent and awaiting trial or they are there as a result of a minor crime and the inability to hire a reputable attorney. Whatever your standpoint may be, there is no denying the impact this has on families throughout the country. Personally, I support Securus Technologies for the very fact that they keep families together when it matters the most, including the holidays.

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Christmas is the definition of a family time. Video visitation brings families together on Christmas by allowing them to share some of the day together. Whether it is a father watching his son open his gifts or to share a few, “I love yous,” to make it through the rest of the term, these visitations are fundamental and will make the rehabilitation process more effective for prisoners across the globe. Of course, childhood development is crucial and fragile, so when a child is still able to see their loved one, they are protected and preparing for a better adulthood.


Securus Technologies is a company based in Texas. Currently, their technology is seen in 3,400 correction facilities and has assisted over 1.2 million inmates as well as their families. Though this technology plays its role in the lives of the inmates, it also helps a correction facility’s personnel stay savvy to their own inmates in a manner that will only contribute to a safer environment that truly betters the prisoners for when they are ready to be released.


The high-tech solutions proposed by Securus mean so much more than a way to stay in contact with families. The presence of this technology in correctional institutions introduces inmates to new technology in order to abate the initial shock of being beyond their walls. When an inmate is released from prison, the modern world often is too intimidating for them to transition back into, a reality that often sends them back to jail. Securus plays a crucial part in sustaining a healthy balance in the world and bringing families together on Christmas is just one of the many things to appreciate about these technologies.


Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

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