NTC Establishes Comprehensive Residential Mortgage Investment Education Agency

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Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. (NTC) is the leading research and document-processing service provider to the American housing mortgage industry. NTC offers its services to investors and other mortgage lenders including the countries top ten residential mortgage service providers. Nationwide Title Clearing also provides residential mortgage industry post-closing services such as property reports, final document tracking, assignment services, as well as document imaging and retrieval. The company is a significant post-closing services provider for the nation’s largest servicers, financial institutions, and investors. Rejection rate on NTC documents is negligible since the company does not settle for anything less than perfection. NTC’s technical excellence means that the company has an actual achievement standard of excellence.

NTC Announces the Establishment of a New Dallas Agency to Offer Comprehensive Residential Mortgage Investment Education
NTC announced the establishment of a new service intended to offer comprehensive education on the basics of residential mortgage investment. The new service will provide the greatest performance-based standard training package for investors, mortgage servicers, and lenders after several years of development. This new service will present a two-day training program to be delivered to client locations or in the NTC Training Center Company Headquarters in Dallas, TX, FL or Palm Harbor. NTC also announced the establishment of a new agency in Dallas. The new agency will feature a new data center that will host a full disaster recovery site for all infrastructure and data as well as staffing. In addition to Business Continuity, DRBC and Disaster Recovery agency will assist the company to deal with job spill over. Job spill over at the company is caused by fluctuating volumes of the firm’s data entry, file audit work, and accommodating staff. The new agency will host up to 150 employees who will work ultimately for NTC.

The training is intended to make the complete residential mortgage lending industry system clear to the loanee. The program gives explicit details on why each process in the mortgage industry is seriously essential to preserving the US land records integrity at the national level. Dave LaRose is NTC’s Vice President. He plays a significant role in Technical Excellence and resident expert quality training. He is an industry expert with more than three decades of experience. Dave has played an important part in the development of this new service. The new training service will enable recipients to understand their functions in the lifecycle of loans. ‘Loanees’ are not likely to make mistakes when they understand the terms and functions of a loan. The company has been acknowledged through many awards for its continuous community philanthropy participation. This is as a result of its excellence. The company aims to duplicate its successful reproduction in the Midwest with the new office opening in Dallas.

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