Lovaganza Global Cultural Festival

The Lovaganza Foundation is a planning Entertainment Franchise focused on providing global cultural entertainment to bring wonder and inspire world audiences. The aim of the organization is also to provide positive impact while supporting regional and global initiatives across the world.

The Foundation recently announced the dates for its long waited World Wide Celebrations. This Festival will at the same time provide bedazzling and groundbreaking films about the different world cultures. The cultural-films festival on lovaganza.com will take place from May until September of the year 2020. The films will be inspired by the longing and desire for past era World Fairs and will be suggestive of the typical Cinerama experience.

The films will be features of every nation’s past, present, and future affairs as planned. The adventure motivated celebration voyage will feature live event exhibitions that will simultaneously commence in first eight countries. The festivities of Lovaganza were rescheduled from 2015 to 2020 to give event planners more time to realize better immersive cultural experience and exploitation of the emerging innovative and cutting-edge entertainment technology concepts.

After its various tours across Oceania, Middle East, Europe, America, Asia and Africa, the couple of month celebration will finish with an extraordinary ‘Hands Across the World’ ceremony. Lovaganza celebrations will be marked by World Travel Shows aimed to promote the festivities by presenting a sample of its 3D cinematic glass-free immersive experience before its official launch in 2020. The Travel shows will also be followed by three major film release to be offered in the standard Lovaganza 2D and the new 3D glass technology theaters. The movies will be presented on latest high definition screens that will be suggestive of the original CINERAMA film experience. The films to be showcased at the celebrations have started shooting in many countries. The countries include Africa, the United States, Spain, and France. They will, later on, be taken in many other nations and parts all over the world.

Internationally famous painter by the name David UHL has already commenced on the Lovaganza painting. Its convoy is already paying trips to major film production studios in Mumbai and the Werner Bros Studios in Hollywood, California. The celebration envoy has sought the help of California’s Disney US Ranch, the Sunshine Shop Lancaster films in California, and other film production firms in Barcelona, Spain. Other convoys have been located to Infringiliana, with the Award winning film producers Patrick Sullivan and James Murakami also joining the Lovaganza team. See: http://lovaganza.tumblr.com/

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