Services provided by Handy Cleaning Company

With a busy schedule which keeps you away from home long hours, it may be impossible to get time to maintain a clean home. In this case the cleaning job can be very difficult but you don’t have to worry any more since there are people who are well trained to do the cleaning for you. These experts will offer you cleaning services and you will be sure of returning to a clean and attractive environment after a long day from job. Handy cleaning company is from New York and is now offering services like plumbing, painting, handyman, delivery just to mention a few. It is serving more than 25 cities in New York. This will help their clients get their services countrywide any time anywhere. The service providers from Handy are respectful, experienced, insured and well trained to make sure you get quality services.

Handybook Company lately launched handy delivery which was meant to improve their services. They can now transport your furniture and deliver them to your door step the next day. In case you want to book an appointment or services, you don’t have to go all the way to their offices since they came up with a web page where you just register with them and do the booking online. You can also use your phone to call their agents and ones you secure an appointment or service, the experts are sent to you at the time requested.


Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua are business partners and in the year 2012 they started Handy cleaning company in order to change cleaning industry and make it better and reliable. Over these years, has emerged to be one of the best cleaning companies worldwide. This company has gained trust from their clients by offering them the best services. In any case the experts damage your property or poorly performs the tasks, the company refunds all the cash charged for the service.


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