Why Becoming A Wine Educator With The Traveling Vineyard May Be Your Ideal Business Opportunity

The Traveling Vineyard offers individuals an opportunity to earn money by holding in-home wine tasting parties and then collecting orders for the company’s products. Prior in-depth knowledge of wine isn’t necessary, since training is provided; nevertheless, enthusiasm and an upbeat personality are important.

Wine Is Easy To Sell

Being a representative of The Traveling Vineyard has numerous benefits, however, the key benefit is that the exclusive artisan wines are easy to sell. Like other direct selling businesses, The Traveling Vineyard’s independent representatives, called Wine Guides, earn their income based on sales, however, Wine Guides do not really sell, they educate. Once potential customers taste a wine, enjoy it and then learn what foods to pair the wine with, they buy a bottle without a hard sell. After all, people do not attend wine tastings unless they already enjoy wine and the majority of attendees appreciate the chance to learn more about wines in a fun in-home tasting with their friends.

Additional Benefits Of Being A Wine Guide

Men and women seeking a direct selling business opportunity typically seek an option that will allow them to earn a decent amount of money without a major investment and without stockpiling a great deal of merchandise. The Traveling Vineyard is ideal for individuals who would enjoy teaching others about wine while earning commissions that reflects the amount of work that they put into their business. While The Traveling Vineyard’s low start up cost includes supplies for the Wine Guide’s first two tastings, the fee also includes comprehensive training. Wine Guides do not stock wines either; The Traveling Vineyard ships the orders that the Wine Guide takes at wine tastings.

The Business End

While being a Wine Guide for The Traveling Vineyard offers a great deal of flexibility, most in-home tastings take place during the evening or on weekends. Men and women who make being a Wine Guide a career, as opposed to a part-time effort for extra income, will want to create a home office to stay organized. While Wine Guides do not have to keep any wine in their home except for tasting kits, there is a certain amount of paperwork associated with the business.

Becoming a Wine Guide is worth investigating if you would like your own home business and you believe that you would enjoy educating others about wine

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