Advantages of Money Market Funds and Mr. Bruce Bent II

Money market funds are the type of investments that help shareholders earn interests and at the same time maintaining NAV (net asset value) of one dollar per share. The portfolios of money market funds consist of short-term securities of high-quality monetary instruments. This implies that investors can buy the shares of the money market funds by using banks, brokerage firms, and mutual funds.

According to Wikipedia, the advantage of using money market funds is that investors have a place, in which they can invest easily. Through money market funds, investors can get access to cash-equivalent assets. Also, liquidity is not an issue when dealing with money market funds. They trade in securities and entities that are in high demand. An example is the T-bills. This implies that an investor can buy the entities or securities and at the same time trade them with ease. Moreover, money market funds are characterized with minimal credit risk and short maturity period. Perhaps, it is a low volatile type of investment.

About Mr. Bruce Bent II
Mr. Bruce Bent II is an investor and businessman. His father was invented the first money market fund. Mr. Bruce and Growing up in a financial world gave Bent II the leverage he needed to be a successful businessman and financial expert. Mr. Bent II attended Northeastern University, from there he received his bachelor degree Philosophy. Soon Mr. Bent started his career in the financial industry. Currently he is the  Vice Chairman and President of Double Rock Corporation.  Bruce Bent II has made an astonishing career in finances by helping large financial business find innovating solutions to cash-related problems.

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