Alexandre Gama One of the Top Advertising Specialists in All of Brazil

Alexandre Gama is the Global Chief Creative Officer for Neogama, which is one of the 20 biggest sports advertising agencies in all of Brazil. Alexandre is, to date, the only Brazilian to be on the global network of agencies as a Global Chief Creative Officer (WCCO) of the British-based agency network of professional sports advertisers. Alexandre is also the only Brazilian on the entire board of the Publicis Groupe Global Creative Board which is a committee made of up of six worldwide creative leaders who are part of the holding company.

Alexandre Gama received a degree from the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP) in advertising and communications. His advertising career began in 1982 soon as he graduated when he began working with Ogilvy & Mather where he worked as a creative and copywriter. By 1990 he moved on to DM9 as a copyrighter and a creative director where he continued to blossom, and his whole career has continued to move up and forward from there.




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