Scott Rocklage is a Shaker and Mover in the Investment Community

Scott Rocklage is the 5AM Ventures managing partner, the position to took in 2004 after joining the company in 2003. Dr. Rocklage has over 30 years of experience in health management and scientific background which has reinforced his skills. His leadership roles were a key factor in getting FDA (Federal Drug Administration) certification for three drug requests which are Omniscan, Teslascan and Cubicin.

5AM Ventures has working facilities in California, Waltham, San Francisco, and Massachusetts whereby Dr. Rocklage is based in Waltham.

Before he united with 5AM, Dr. Rocklage was the chief operating officer (CEO) and chairman of Pharmaceuticals. He also had another role of CEO and president at Nycomed Salutar. At Catalytica and Salutar, Rocklage held various R&D positions in research and design. With his wide experience, he also worked as the President and CEO at Amersham Health, and the Ilypsa, Inc co-president, and executive chairman.

He held other positions such as being the board chairman at Novra Therapeutics and Cidara Therapeutics, Inc. Rocklage background had incorporated to his broad range of experience in science, strategic and healthcare leadership roles. That made him a key strategist and effective leader in the world of healthcare, pharmaceuticals and venture capital. Read more: Scott Racklage | Crunchbase

Rocklage educational background entails having Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry from California University, Berkley. He also pursued Ph.D. Degree – Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

At MIT, Rocklage did research at the laboratory of Richard R. Schrock – a Chemistry novel prize winner in 2005. Dr. Rocklage is likewise a co-inventor or inventor of over 30 US patents and has authored over 100 publications.

Through is leadership at 5AM Ventures, Scott Rocklage has turned out to be among the venture capital organizations who are focused on life science organizations and concentrating on the coming generation.

5AM Ventures give support to entities that are establishing solutions in solving healthcare necessities using cutting edge breakthroughs in medicine and science. Organizations subject to 5AM bolster are on leading in coming up with modern methods to diagnose, prevent and offer treatment to a broad variety of medical circumstances.

The 5AM team has strong legal, business, finance, medical, scientific and medical backgrounds, thanks to great professionals like Dr. Rocklage.
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