Where Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Differs From Amazon

It is really easy to see that Amazon has been the leader when it comes to the fashion e-commerce market for many years now. Despite there being thousands of competitors all fighting over that same customer, Amazon is crushing them by taking in over 20 percent of all sales in this space. There is one competitor however, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, that is taking matters into their own hands and beginning to close that gap to Amazon quickly. In just three years, Kate Hudson‘s Fabletics has sold over $250 million in women’s workout clothing.


The secret to this athleisure brand might surprise some, so we have to hear it from Hudson directly to really get an understanding of what is going on here. Reverse showrooming and membership perks are the foundation to the success of the company, says Hudson, and she knows these are techniques that not new to this industry. Take a drive to the Fabletics store in the mall and you will see the difference. Women are applying to get their memberships, taking a lifestyle quiz, window-shopping, and even trying on everything inside the store they can get their hands on. The sales associates actually encourage all these activities, without any pressure to buy the workout apparel.


The secret is when these same women hit the e-commerce store and discover all those pieces they were wearing in the store have been uploaded to their online profile. When these women have more time to shop for active-wear, they now can continue exactly where they stopped shopping at the mall. Take the concern of sizing out of the equation, and you are left with women excited about the prospect of just shopping the expansive online inventory for as many pieces of workout apparel they can get their hands on.


Membership at Fabletics still comes with more in the way of perks. Free shipping for those online orders, a personal shopping assistant, and discounted apparel, just a few of the reasons women are stuffing their online shopping carts with Hudson’s workout apparel. Your lifestyle quiz answers help the personal assistant to pick one item each month to add to your account for consideration. Amazon has none of these perks, only discounted shipping for Prime members at $79 bucks a year. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is turning shoppers to loyal customers by treating them and spoiling them at every chance they can get throughout the buying process.

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