The Legendary Jim Larkin Is Remembered

Jim Larkin also known as James Larkin is remembered for his contribution to the Irish trade union. He was a leader as well as a socialist activist who was born in Irish. His family later relocated to Burren.


The legacy of Jim Larkin to the trade union of the Irish people is invaluable. Historically, he is remembered for transforming the trade union into a series of select lobby with crafted unions as well as staff associations that focus on making better the payment conditions as well as working conditions of employees. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

In fact, it is factual that most of the workers were impressed by the operating standards set in the trade union. Jim also initiated the implementation of new policies aimed at changing Ireland into a communist.

Trade Union

In the same scenario, Jim Larkin proved to be a splitting figure to traders through the trade union. It is unfortunate that although he played fundamental roles in uniting the workers, he was also responsible for separating them. The first detail of Jim Larkin’s life is defined by his determination to bring traders together. Read more: The Definite Biography of Big Jim Larkin

Larkin was an instrumental figure in the field of labor. His contribution was marked as from 1905 during the strike of Liverpool docks as well as post-lockout regime. Over three quarters of the tenures he owned advocated fo r activism as well as socialism.


In mid 1911, the leadership of Jim Larkin to ITGWU had just soared. He was self employed hence his security fears. Jim’s characteristic was defined as empathetic as well as lenient when dealing with workers. Although friendly, he was constantly threatened by his competitors.

He also needed funds to hit back on his competitor’s strike and achieve his long term goals for the trade union. Being visionary, he established the head office of ITGWU. The memorable and great achievement of Jim Larkin’s input to labor was tested when there was the conviction of rules with the decision of ensuring that workers must be organized.


When workers became convicted, Larkinism withstood massive challenges that resulted from the disorganization of workers. Larkin was actively involved in the journey that initiated peace among workers. His representation was applauded given his input in protecting the rights of employees.

As the head of the trade union, Larkin implemented successful policies that involved the collective representation of workers in their working stations.

Industrial Employment

According to the head of research Mr. O’Riordan, there was an increase in industrial employment in 1930. The number rose by 50% due to the regime of de Valera-Lemass. Following the growth of the industry of workers, there came the development of a class that initiated organized labor.

This platform was however not envisaged by either Larkin or Connolly. The merging of the workers developed in three separate strands including Catholic nationalist, general workers as well as British based workers.


While Larkin remained loyal to his labor party union until 1969 when he passed on, he quit politics to concentrate on offering excellent services to trade union movement. Presently, the union has over 5,000 members who are pleased with its operations.

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