Eric Lefkofsky’s Control Efforts against Cancer

Hazard factors namely genetic and environmental contributions lead to lung cancer development. The most known environmental risk factor related to lung cancer is tobacco smoking while gene smoking interactions contribute to lung cancer idea following a Dartmouth study.

In the study, they identified that three novel SNPs found in the interaction analysis. Those identified SNPs lead to intercession and screening of possible candidate agents for lung cancer. From Onco Array Consortium genotype and phenotype data were obtained and used in this analysis. Genome wide scanning is still a limitation because most genome-wide studies are formed for the effect of association analysis and have minimum power for analysis.

The three SNPs identified in the study are biomarkers to improve the theory which researchers use to group the risk of lung cancer to an individual by smoking and this is helpful for prior diagnosis and also predicting the necessary cure plan and strategy. The team aims to test distinguished interactions from other populations further using different genotypes since that study information only incorporated Caucasian population. This was because of the diverse genetic backgrounds.

Eric Paul Lefkofsky is an American born in next September 1969.Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder and the chief executive officer of Tempus. Tempus is a company which can be grouped in the technology sector, and it has designed an operating system that deals with the fight against cancer. Tempus gathers and analyzes vast amounts of genomic data using statistics to analyze figures to unveil possible chances to help the physician of a patient in providing more accurate and personal medicine. The doctors hence can develop better and efficient plan and treatment from the Tempus data.

Eric Lefkofsky together with Liz his wife also founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. It is a private charitable foundation to advance schemes with the high impact to enhance the lives of the communities it served. Through the Lefkofsky family foundation, Eric Lefkofsky and his wife regularly give related cancer causes. Eric Lefkofsky is also a trustee of Lurie children’s hospital, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Science and Industry.

The Tempus site assists doctors and professionals dealing with healthcare to make exact, precise treatment influenced by correct data. This procedure usually is by analyzing the genetic code of a given patient about molecular therapies. Tempus states it employs cutting-edge sequencing to assist doctors to correctly understand a patient’s tumor.

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Fabletics Brings New Life to the Fashion Industry

For years, the fashion industry was the same. It was the same companies making the same clothes and offering them in the same ways. Many people became tired of these ideas. They didn’t know what they would need to do so they had to make choices on what they would keep in different situations. They also knew they would have to keep shopping at the same boring store. There was a breath of fresh air, though, when Fabletics came onto the scene. They were able to make waves so they could help other people out with the issues they had. They also knew they would need to make things easier for themselves if they were going to do better for different people.


The idea behind the company is that people simply take a style quiz when they first sign up with the company. The quiz asks simple questions about what the person likes, their sense of style and what they plan to do in the clothes. Since it is an athletic brand, they will ask the user some questions about what they plan to do while they are wearing the clothes so they can get the support they need.


One of customers’ most favorite things about Fabletics is that they are an all-inclusive brand. Women of all shapes, sizes and ages can benefit from the clothes they sell. They know they are able to do this because they have done it for years. While they did not start out as an all-inclusive brand, they were quick to add that in. Fabletics wants to make sure they are doing things the right way so they include everyone who is a part of the company in the opportunities they have. It is what has set them apart from some of the other brands available on the market.


While Fabletics continues to help people, Kate Hudson is doing the same. As a Fabletics brand ambassador, she knows what she can do to make a difference. She also knows things will get better if she helps to grow the brand. While Fabletics has come a long way in a short period of time, Kate Hudson knows the brand has a lot more growing to do. She is going to be there with Fabletics as they grow and turn into an even bigger company that may beat out Amazon for the number one clothing retailer spot.

IDLife Products Have Changed The Game

There is no doubt that Logan Stout the owner of the new health and nutrition brand IDLife has completely changed the way people look at achieving their health and wellness goals. IDLife uses a personalized health assessment that each customer fills out on their own. This allows for customers to be matched with products that are just right for them and ensures they won’t end up with any products that might not help them meet the goals they are looking to achieve. People tend to prefer the approach IDLife has taken within the health and nutrition product area because it helps them pick products that they know will help them rather than them going to the store and buying products that they don’t need to help achieve their goals. Although IDLife offers products to control appetite and help with weight loss this is not their only product category as a brand. They also offer products of different categories of health and nutrition such as skincare, activity trackers, energy supplements, sleep management, hydration drinks, and they also have a kid’s line of products to help combat childhood obesity.

IDLife is not only extremely popular and continuously growing because of its personalized health assessments and product matching skills but it is also extremely popular because all their products are made from quality ingredients that you can understand what they are by reading them off the package. With IDLife there will be no more googling what one of the ingredients in a product are. Unlike other companies IDLife’s products have been backed by science meaning that their products have been proven to do what they were made and intended to do. This will eliminate unnecessary buying of products that don’t have any science proven studies of working. Not only can customers have peace of mind about their products that they matched with working for them, but they can also have peace of mind knowing these products are made with quality ingredients for the most reasonable price point around. IDLife’s mission is to not only change lives but to do it in the most helpful way possible by providing people with the resources they need to reach the goals in which they have set. When people tend to go on diets and end up buying a bunch of random products to help from the store they usually end up getting stuff that is wrong for them and their goals.

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What You Should Know About Lifeline Screening

Lifeline Screening is a privately-run prevention and wellness company based in Austin, Texas. The company was founded in 1993 by Collin Scully and Timothy Philips.

The company runs health screening services for the elderly in the United States of America. By the year 1998, the company had achieved a milestone by attending to over 500,000 clients. It is during this time that the company added services like finger-stick blood testing for complete cholesterol count. The services would later expand to the United Kingdom.

Worldwide the company has provided over 8 million screenings including electrocardiographs and ultrasound. Through lifeline screening, we find out that a number of diseases can be detected such as atrial fibrillation, aortic aneurysm (AAA) and peripheral arterial disease. (PAD).

According to Lifeline Screening Services, most of the screenings are painless including the blood screening which requires only a finger stick and a few drops of blood. The ultrasound screenings are non- invasive and painless too. The company goes ahead to say that most of their screenings require little or no preparation at all. There dressing code when going for most of the screenings are not complicated. For arterial fibrillation (stoke), peripheral arterial disease, and carotid artery screening make sure you put on a comfortable two-piece outfit consisting of loose fitting. For elevated liver enzymes and elevated C-reactive proteins session, you don’t have to wear anything.

According to lifeline, there are some sessions that require one to fast 8 hours before the screening. They include; complete lipid panel, six for life package and abdominal aortic aneurysm. Finally, there are some sessions that need you not to put on a pantyhose; they include; Ankle-brachial index, Arterial fibrillation, and bone mineral density. Other sessions require one not to wear any kind of oil or lotion, keep the phone switched off and not to wear a watch. Such sessions are Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm.

Many tend to ask themselves how screening improves one’s health, well there are many benefits why you should consider to go for screening. One among many is that life-threatening diseases are identified potentially before they have advanced and creating complications in our bodies. It also enables us to improve our lifestyles.

The other major importance of undergoing screening is to plan for one’s future. This is especially when a woman is considering to get pregnant to avoid unnecessary complications. Such test picks up any unseen circumstances.

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Anthony Petrello- the philanthropic life

Anthony Petrello is one of the personalities who has done a lot to change the lives of the people. Tony Petrello is responsible for hundreds of job that have been created in the country. He is the CEO of Nabors Industries. This is a firm in the mining and drilling industry, Nabors Industries is a firm that deals with drilling or oil and natural gas. Anthony Petrello innovations in the firm have expanded the business operations of the firm enabling it to hire more than thirty thousand skilled workers. Given this is an industry that attracts very good wages, Anthony Petrello can be said to have influenced the lives of so many people.

Although many people may know Anthony Petrello for his involvement in the business sector, there is another side of him that is responsible for commendable humanitarian initiative. Anthony Petrello is a philanthropist. He has contributed more than $5 million towards establishment of the first Neurological Research Centre in the world in Texas. The center is located at the Texas Children Hospital. This is a center that will do research on the treatment methodologies of neurological disorders. Anthony Petrello hopes that this initiative will bear fruits and that finally there will be a solution for the many children who are helpless since there are no treatment methods available for their conditions.

Anthony Petrello drive to start this initiative was as a result of a personal challenge that he has been undergoing. His daughter is a victim of neurological disorders that cannot be successfully treated. In light of this, Anthony who is an influential figure in the corporate sector went around the world looking for treatment opportunities. After an unsuccessful tour of various hospitals, he lost hope in the treatment options that were available. He realized that no one had bothered to conduct sufficient research on the neurological disorders for children. Now that his daughter was suffering from a neurological disorder, he thought of it as a good idea to start his research center that would ensure that no longer will helpless children go without medication. He has been very passionate about this cause and hopes that it will succeed. He has contributed money that is to be used to hire some of the best doctors and surgeons in the world. Anthony Petrello is optimistic that he will be able to achieve success by being behind the first ever neurological disorders solution.

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Sahm Adrangi’s Love for Investments Improves his Livelihood

Sahm Adrangi is the current president of Kerrisdale Capital Management. He is an alumnus of Yale University where he got a degree in Business Management. After years of training, he worked at Deutsche Bank. This was a good start for him because it equipped him with skills that landed him at various organizations. Not only did he work as an employee but also held various managerial positions.

Having studied Economics while in the university, he has steered many companies towards achieving real success. The companies he’s partnered with appreciate the cooperation and assistance that they have received from him. Sage Therapeutics is living proof that indeed his purely in pursuit of success and change.

In addition, he has also served at Chanin Capital Partners before being hired by Longrace Management. Both the companies stand in awe of his hard work and constant dedication. He continues to shine his light in the lives of many through motivational talks. This is through the invitations he gets from other companies to host their events. Every guest who attends appreciated the knowledge they gather from him. These entrepreneurs have applied these to the advantage of their businesses.

Every path that people take in order to achieve success has its roses and thorns. The same case has applied to him and instead of falling whenever faced with a challenge, he has constantly risen higher and higher. Leading also comes with his fair share of difficulties but he has always serviced the storms. It is because of these difficult times that he has managed to leave legacies behind. To know more about us: click here.

As a manager, he learned to organize the departments of his companies with an aim of increasing the productions at the company. Employees have also developed better ways of improving the company’s performance under his leadership.

Kerrisdale Capital Management has managed to own stocks that amount to large amounts of money. The company has as well increased the volume of its shares. This has contributed to improving the revenue earned by the company.

Investments have largely contributed to his successful achievements. In addition to this, he has also written educative journals about his success and experiences hence inspiring other investors.

The 10 Advocacy Groups You Should Know

The rasta advocate Bob Marley beautifully told us to get up, stand up for our rights, and to not give up the fight. We are seeing more disgruntled Americans choosing to stand up in support of social issues even if it doesn’t affect them.

The players from the German soccer team Hertha Berlin kneeled during a soccer game in support of Colin Kaepernick even tweeting the hashtag #TakeAKnee. Others are choosing to boycott corporations, restaurants, and even holidays that go against their moral compass and family values.

It’s unfortunate that in 2017 civil, human, and migrant rights abuse are still a global issue. In North America, systemic discrimination, poverty, and weak leadership have the people fed up and looking for answers.

Now more than ever people are galvanizing and organizing. We still face insurmountable odds in our fight for equality, but we must never give up. Challenge and never stop challenging for this is how we will implement change.

We’ve compiled a list of the advocacy groups we feel are challenging civil, human and migrant rights abuses in North America. Get to know, contact, and support these groups in any way you can.

The 7 Advocacy Groups You Should Know

  1. Si Se Puede Foundation

Started by Alberto Esparza the Si Se Puede Foundation to provide underprivileged children with free help with their homework. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

He also offered physical activities like sports and dance in the style of folkloric. They promote and assist students in mastering STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).

  1. Aliento

DACA centered movement made up of an undocumented community of artistic youth using their blessings and voices for advocacy. They mobilize and equip DREAMers with information and tools to empower their cause.

  1. Puente

Sparked in 2007 Puente is an organization that fights for migrant rights issues through grassroots efforts. They teach migrants how to maneuver safely while in America’s border and how to legally fight deportation as well as a plethora of other subjects for their benefit.

  1. Fundación México

This foundation focuses on elevating DREAMers by providing scholarships for every one of them of Mexican heritage.

  1. The Colibrí Center for Human Rights

The Colibrí Center for Human Rights Provides a very grim but very needed service of locating, claiming, and bringing home the remains of migrants. Scientist uses various forensic methods to help families get answers.

  1. Kino Border Initiative

A group providing peace of mind for deportees and migrants on a daily basis. Kino Border Initiative provides information and services such as clothing, hygiene products.

  1. Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin founded Village Voice Media as well as the Phoenix New Times. These two journalists wrote articles speaking truth to power for migrant in Arizona. Sherif Joe Arpaio had both men snatched from their homes.

He then tried to strong arm them through grand jury subpoenas so the two would reveal the identity of their audience. The ramifications of his illegal actions concluded with a $3.75 million dollar settlement that they have wisely chosen to use for furthering their cause of the people.

It’s difficult to watch the politicians and the media ignore the plight of our brothers and sisters in Mexico. It was appalling to watch Mr. Trump throw paper towels to our suffering Puerto Rican brethren.

The disrespectful cherry on the top is using brown people’s disaster to bolster political rhetoric. The pseudo -bureaucracy must stop and that is why we must become not only politically aware but politically astute!

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Make Beneful Your Choice for Your Pet

The Beneful food is so beneficial for your dog. You will love to see how well it will do when it eats it often. Since you will be able to see a difference in how they look and feel, you will want to make sure that you have plenty of the flavors that your pet will enjoy. You can also pick from having wet or dry varieties too.

You will want to check out some of the commercials that are put out by Purina. Purina is the company that makes Beneful. In the commercials, you can actually see how healthy the dogs are when they eat it on a regular basis.

Be sure to always check online for great coupons for Beneful. You want to save money on sales and promotions too. While you are shopping for your dog, you might want to pick up some Beneful for your friends or relatives that have dogs too. The dog food makes a wonderful gift. Beneful on Walmart.

Dick DeVos and his Wife are Bringing Reforms in the Education System

Dick DeVos is a prominent personality in the United States. The businessman has investment interests in several industries in the country, and most of them have been doing very well under his leadership. The businessman comes from one of the wealthiest families in the United States, and this explains why he has been giving donations to noble causes in the communities. DeVos and his wife are passionate about education, and they have spent most of their lives trying to champion educational causes in the United States.


DeVos is married to a beautiful wife, Betsy DeVos. The couple has received a lot of praises and critics from people because of the activities they have been involved in. Just recently, Betsy DeVos was approved by the Senate to work as the United States Secretary of Education. The confirmation was done after the appointment by the president of the country, Donald Trump. After this appointment, many people have been asking questions about the successful career woman who has become a role model to many people.


First of all, Betsy is a great reformer.This started when she was studying for her degree at the prestigious Calvin College. While studying at this institution, the young professional was always taking place in campus politics, and this made her get special recognition in the country. After leaving the school, the businesswoman chose to remain politically active so that she can change the lives of people in the country.Betsy has been able to lead several campaigns, political action committees, and party organizations. At one point of her life, the businesswoman was serving as the chairperson for the great Michigan Republican Party. Her husband has been offering her great support while serving in these numerous positions.


DeVos, on the other hand, has had a great career life. Unlike most of the children from wealthy families in the country, Dick DeVos went for his education at a public school so that he could understand the educational system in the country. After completing his studies, his parents allowed him to serve in the family business so that he could acquire the expertise needed to run an international company. By the time he was given the position of president at the company known as Amway, the successful investor had all the qualities needed to run an international company. DeVos expanded the firm to several nations, and he is considered to be one of the most vocal individuals who have ever worked at the institution.


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