Fabletics Brings New Life to the Fashion Industry

For years, the fashion industry was the same. It was the same companies making the same clothes and offering them in the same ways. Many people became tired of these ideas. They didn’t know what they would need to do so they had to make choices on what they would keep in different situations. They also knew they would have to keep shopping at the same boring store. There was a breath of fresh air, though, when Fabletics came onto the scene. They were able to make waves so they could help other people out with the issues they had. They also knew they would need to make things easier for themselves if they were going to do better for different people.


The idea behind the company is that people simply take a style quiz when they first sign up with the company. The quiz asks simple questions about what the person likes, their sense of style and what they plan to do in the clothes. Since it is an athletic brand, they will ask the user some questions about what they plan to do while they are wearing the clothes so they can get the support they need.


One of customers’ most favorite things about Fabletics is that they are an all-inclusive brand. Women of all shapes, sizes and ages can benefit from the clothes they sell. They know they are able to do this because they have done it for years. While they did not start out as an all-inclusive brand, they were quick to add that in. Fabletics wants to make sure they are doing things the right way so they include everyone who is a part of the company in the opportunities they have. It is what has set them apart from some of the other brands available on the market.


While Fabletics continues to help people, Kate Hudson is doing the same. As a Fabletics brand ambassador, she knows what she can do to make a difference. She also knows things will get better if she helps to grow the brand. While Fabletics has come a long way in a short period of time, Kate Hudson knows the brand has a lot more growing to do. She is going to be there with Fabletics as they grow and turn into an even bigger company that may beat out Amazon for the number one clothing retailer spot.

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