Sheldon Lavin is currently the Chief Executive officer (CEO) and chairman of an international company of the food industry, OSI. This group is an international private company that supplies food products and solutions to the world. OSI has more than 65 facilities in 17 countries worldwide. Lavin was born back in the year 1936. With his interest and passion for the meat industry, he found himself involved with Otto and Sons (the initial name of OSI) 43 years ago. This was when the owners of the company Started looking for investments overseas. The business oriented CEO has since then been successful in his career journey in the food industry. However, Lavin did not become the chief executive officer in a day.

He first got the first voting control in the 1980s when one of the partners decided to sell out. Later on, Lavin acquired all the voting control when the remaining partner retired. With all the control power, Lavin was able to transform OSI group to a world class company we all know today. OSI, under Sheldon Lavin’s promising control, has consequently grown and expanded its products sales and services to other countries such as Japan, China, Australia, South Africa, and Philippians. It also has plants in the United States located in Geneva, California, and more states.

Lavin, having a degree in Finance and Accounting, is also honored to have received several awards while being the Chief Executive Officer of OSI group. These awards include the Global visionary award. The award was received as a symbol of acknowledgement of the positive and right direction Lavin is taking the OSI group in terms of promoting jobs throughout the world and providing quality food products. Other awards received by the group, with Lavin being the CEO, include The Environmental Award, 2015 and The Global of Honor Award, 2016- awarded by the British safety council.

Lavin is a known philanthropist who values charitable acts and helping the less fortunate. He shows this kind hearted spirit by donating to charities and foundations. Some of the services that Lavin has been part of include Director of Sheba foundation, Trustee for Ronald McDonald House charities, Board Member of the Goodman Theatre and Board Member of Rush University Medical centre. In addition to this, he has actively contributed to a number of charities including the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMMS), Evans Scholarship Fund, United Negro college Fund, Jewish united Fund and the Inner city foundation.

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