Contribution of Jim Larkin to the Workers’ Rights

Jim Larkin was known to be a prominent person in the fight for the rights of the workers. He was born in England in the year 1876. Though he rose to the top position in the numbers of unions that is was a member, Jim at his tender age did not find the better access to the education.

He spends the better part of his active life working at the docks of Liverpool to get income. He worked committedly with his co-worker, and this point acted as a springboard for him in the realization that most of the workers are being violated. This pushed him to form Transport and General Workers’ Union, an organization that stands for the rights of the workers at their workplaces. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

Within some few year, the group became famous with their objectives of addressing the matters of the workers. In the year 1914, he made a journey to the US with the intention of creating a conducive environment for all worker across the globe. He dedicated much of his time to the union till the 1940s.

As a member of the National Union of Dock Labourers (NUDL), where he was working as the foreman, addresses a lot of issues and presented the needs of the union to the right authorities. He won the trust of many workers with his confidence. Read more: James Larkin | Biography

With his team of experts, he organized strategic strike methods that pulled the attention of the NUDL towards him. This was then followed by his deportation to his Dublin. Irish Showing much interest in the rights of the workers, Jim formed Transport and General Workers’ Union and made the workers aware of the matters that were to be addressed by the organization.

The forefront aim of the group was to unify both skilled and unskilled workers and made them stand for their rights in their workplaces. The team grew and became famous, and most of the industrial workers in the region get attracted to it.

Jim further came up with Irish Labour Party that set the better base for the foundation of the workers’ rights. The group made more than 100,000 workers take part in the strike against the mistreatment of the workers.

Jim Larkin has set a better workplace for many workers through the formation of the different unions that are addressing their rights.

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