Talk Fusion: The Future of Chat

For the second time this year, Talk Fusion has received an award. This honor was received for Talk Fusion’s exceptional achievements in the industry. The award for, “2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award,” was presented by the CEO of Technology Marketing Corporation Rich Tehrani.

Talk Fusion made its debut in 2007 and it has been improving ever since. Founder and CEO Bob Regina sees that the company gives back and has given back to the community and animal charities.

Talk Fusion is a video chat that gives its users the ability to video chat with others anywhere, anytime and on multiple platforms. This program is available through iTunes and Google Play for both Android and iOS devices. users can access the program on computers as well as the handheld devices. Talk Fusion’s cross-platform video services use a WebRTC technology.

Talk Fusion is now offering a free trial for users to get to see the product in action before purchasing. The free-trial is for a full 30 days and is offered at their website There is a strong social presence for the company online and they have a Facebook page

According to Talk Fusion’s CEO, Talk Fusion’s IT depart is working hard to ensure that the company continues to perform above industry standards. The company is working to ensure it stays above the rest for digital and video voice services.

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Business Woman Portia Kersten Is CFO of Skout

Margaret Thatcher is her hero, but Portia Kersten did not get to be the Skout’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) as any kind of groupie. For many years now Kersten has learned from some of the best on how to move a company to maximum growth by raising capital, scaling internal operations up, and planning successful exit strategies. She has turned her Columbia University MBA into a tool for her leadership at Skout.

Kersten came from humble roots, but still had a voracious reading habit that added fuel to her already fiery imagination. She compares herself to scrappy Charles Dickens characters. Even Portia, Shakespeare’s ‘The Merchant of Venice’ character became a role model for her. She has worked for many different sizes of companies and styles of business, such as General Electric (GE) and a series of start-up companies. Each company has brought challenges to her. Kersten thinks her prowess with applications of pattern recognition is a major key to her success. She applies herself without too much careful planning for hitting the right balance, both in her private and professional life. Her favorite saying is: “efficiency in all things.”

She enjoys working with Skout’s funding firm, Andreessen Horowitz, and is impressed with Skout’s talented and intelligent staff members. She says everyone at Skout is dedicated to making the company become: ‘built to last.’ Her advice to other women who want to become a CFO: you must embrace versatility, that is, be a business person whose secondary responsibility is in finance. You must have patience, do not be a follower, and always challenge the status quo. If someone dismisses your leadership, gravitate towards those who do not. Much of this information is from an interview on the Huffington Post.

Skout produces the very popular Skout application. It is designed to connect people and events via social media. It is available in 180 countries with support for 16 languages of the world. It assists anyone in finding entertainment venues and connecting with other like-minded people. Founded in 2007, the Skout app now runs on iOS, Windows, and Android devices of various types.

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