The Inspiring Success Story of the Roberto Santiago

Manaira Shopping is a magnificent mall that was established in Joao Pessoa in 1989. The business center is a landmark in the city since it has been the biggest of its kind for the past two decades. It houses a wide array of enterprises that have helped in bettering the social and economic state of the residents of Joao Pessoa. Roberto Santiago is the founder of the business center. He is a hard working entrepreneur and is also the owner of Mangeira Shopping, which was launched in 2013. Santiago is currently 59 years old and takes part in the management of all his businesses. Manaira Shopping has been visited by millions of the shoppers from different regions of the world from the time it was established. The mall’s compound is about 92,500 square meters, and it has a big garden and playground. It also provides ample parking space that can accommodate more than 3,180 customers.


The administration of Manaira Shopping ensures that the shoppers and their properties are always safe. The mall is under 24/7 CCTV surveillance, and its guards screen all the visitors before they enter. Manaira Shopping has made entertainment its main trademark. Roberto Santiago has invested in different facilities that attract residents of the city and even tourists. The amenities that Manaira Shopping has include movie theaters, electronic amusement park, and a gaming zone. It has 11 cinema halls that offer different types of movies and services. The mall’s environment is conducive for families and friends to meet and have fun.


The shopping center houses several businesses that enable people to get most of the things that they would need. The enterprises that are run at Manaira Shopping include banks, a food court, a college, and more than 200 retail shops. People can visit the mall to shop for products such as household items, electronic, jewelry, clothes, shoes, and furniture. Shoppers can also have delicious meals at the food court. The place has an assortment of restaurants that enable individuals to enjoy foods depending on their cravings. The Domus Hall is a major feature of the businesses center. The hall was built in 2009 and has been designed to host different types of the gigs. It offers enough space for about 4000 seated people and can accommodate up to 10,000 standing people during music concerts.


Roberto Santiago is a perfect example of people who have established business empires from scratch. His first venture was a small restaurant and, he has now grown into a proud owner of two leading shopping malls. Santiago’s success’ story is very inspiring to many young entrepreneurs. The businessman’s hobby is watching kart and motocross races. He used to participate in the two sports when he was young.


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