Paul Mampilly Is Keying His Investors In To The Truth About Amazon’s Healthcare Interests

Paul Mampilly is recently speaking out about the fact that Amazon’s interest in healthcare stocks could ruin its investors. He has advised the readers of his newsletter to listen to David Larsen who is saying the same thing he is about Amazon entering the stock market by investing in healthcare companies. Mampilly has explained that many of his followers are invested in the stocks that Amazon is planning on investing in, too, and the problem is that Amazon will disrupt them, completely, once they set their sites on them.

According to Paul Mampilly, and many other experts, Amazon is looking to invest in prescription drug companies. The problem with this is that once Amazon sets its sites on a company, they are beholden to become more transparent about their lesser-known complex chain of rebates and costs, and while middlemen will profit during this commotion, the stock itself will drop rapidly. He has pointed out that the only benefit of Amazon getting involved is that prescription medications will be more affordable for the consumer. In the meantime, everyone else, including the pharmacies, will lose money in the process. The profit margins of companies like Walgreens, CVS, and Express Scripts will also be affected greatly and might have a difficult time recovering.

Paul Mampilly is an American investor who won the well-known Templeton Foundation investment competition. He studied at City University of New York-Hunter College and New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering. He earned an MBA in Finance while attending Fordham Gabelli School of Business. His career began with him working on Wall Street for Bankers Trust as an assistant portfolio manager. After this, he went on to work with ING and Deutsche Bank managing million-dollar accounts. His talents got him noticed, because in 2006, He was recruited to manage the hedge fund of the multi-billion dollar firm, Kinetics Asset.

After working for so many years on Wall Street, Paul Mampilly grew weary of making the rich richer and desired to start helping the common person. In 2016, he teamed up with Banyon Hill Publishing and is now their senior editor. His mission there is to help regular, working Americans to build wealth through technology, growth investing, and small-cap stocks. His advice has been monumental to many people, and his newsletters, Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes, have given people the tools and information they need to become successful in the investing world, themselves.

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Anthony Petrello- the philanthropic life

Anthony Petrello is one of the personalities who has done a lot to change the lives of the people. Tony Petrello is responsible for hundreds of job that have been created in the country. He is the CEO of Nabors Industries. This is a firm in the mining and drilling industry, Nabors Industries is a firm that deals with drilling or oil and natural gas. Anthony Petrello innovations in the firm have expanded the business operations of the firm enabling it to hire more than thirty thousand skilled workers. Given this is an industry that attracts very good wages, Anthony Petrello can be said to have influenced the lives of so many people.

Although many people may know Anthony Petrello for his involvement in the business sector, there is another side of him that is responsible for commendable humanitarian initiative. Anthony Petrello is a philanthropist. He has contributed more than $5 million towards establishment of the first Neurological Research Centre in the world in Texas. The center is located at the Texas Children Hospital. This is a center that will do research on the treatment methodologies of neurological disorders. Anthony Petrello hopes that this initiative will bear fruits and that finally there will be a solution for the many children who are helpless since there are no treatment methods available for their conditions.

Anthony Petrello drive to start this initiative was as a result of a personal challenge that he has been undergoing. His daughter is a victim of neurological disorders that cannot be successfully treated. In light of this, Anthony who is an influential figure in the corporate sector went around the world looking for treatment opportunities. After an unsuccessful tour of various hospitals, he lost hope in the treatment options that were available. He realized that no one had bothered to conduct sufficient research on the neurological disorders for children. Now that his daughter was suffering from a neurological disorder, he thought of it as a good idea to start his research center that would ensure that no longer will helpless children go without medication. He has been very passionate about this cause and hopes that it will succeed. He has contributed money that is to be used to hire some of the best doctors and surgeons in the world. Anthony Petrello is optimistic that he will be able to achieve success by being behind the first ever neurological disorders solution.

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Anthony Petrello’s Longtime Dedication to Giving Back to Others

Anthony Petrello has no easy job. He currently presides as the Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman of the Board for Nabors Industries, the world’s largest land based drilling company and a leader of innovation in the industry. In over 20 countries and several continents throughout the world Nabors has a strong foothold and also has the largest fleet of rigs of any country in the world. Oil companies seek out Nabors’ oil and gas drilling rigs and equipment to gather the oil in their various markets.

He had a previous career as a managing partner of an elite law firm in New York before coming to work with Nabors and while he didn’t have a background in oil directly the massive success Nabors Industries has seen under his leadership speaks volumes for his success.

Shifting Focus to Philanthropy

Anthony Petrello and his wife Cynthia have known for a while that they are blessed. They have always used their blessings to give back to others, but their philanthropic work took a clear path after facing one of the biggest personal challenges of their lives. The couple gave birth to baby daughter Carena in 1997 and from that day on their lives and the course of their giving changed forever.

Carena was born premature and after numerous operations she is now facing cerebral palsy for the rest of her life. After fully accepting the condition, the two did what they always do and made it their goal to push forward and to make a real difference to help facilitate finding a real treatment to help children with neurological disorders.
Starting At Home in Texas

A Lasting Commitment to Texas Children’s Hospital

When searching for advanced medical research for child’s neurological care, Anthony Petrello knew the place to start was at home first. Texas already had the world renowned Texas Children’s Hospital right in their neighborhood. The couple made the commitment that they would focus their efforts on making this institute the country’s premier hospital for research and clinical trials benefitting children with neurological disorders.

He led the path by committing $7 million with an initial $5 million donation. While he and his wife are aware that the process to coming to a cure is not a rapid one, the Anthony’s Petrello know that they must do something and they have made great strides already.

Cynthia and Anthony Petrello will continue their philanthropic work with a focus on being a part of the work that helps to treat and eventually cure neurological issues in children.

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