Sheldon Lavin is currently the Chief Executive officer (CEO) and chairman of an international company of the food industry, OSI. This group is an international private company that supplies food products and solutions to the world. OSI has more than 65 facilities in 17 countries worldwide. Lavin was born back in the year 1936. With his interest and passion for the meat industry, he found himself involved with Otto and Sons (the initial name of OSI) 43 years ago. This was when the owners of the company Started looking for investments overseas. The business oriented CEO has since then been successful in his career journey in the food industry. However, Lavin did not become the chief executive officer in a day.

He first got the first voting control in the 1980s when one of the partners decided to sell out. Later on, Lavin acquired all the voting control when the remaining partner retired. With all the control power, Lavin was able to transform OSI group to a world class company we all know today. OSI, under Sheldon Lavin’s promising control, has consequently grown and expanded its products sales and services to other countries such as Japan, China, Australia, South Africa, and Philippians. It also has plants in the United States located in Geneva, California, and more states.

Lavin, having a degree in Finance and Accounting, is also honored to have received several awards while being the Chief Executive Officer of OSI group. These awards include the Global visionary award. The award was received as a symbol of acknowledgement of the positive and right direction Lavin is taking the OSI group in terms of promoting jobs throughout the world and providing quality food products. Other awards received by the group, with Lavin being the CEO, include The Environmental Award, 2015 and The Global of Honor Award, 2016- awarded by the British safety council.

Lavin is a known philanthropist who values charitable acts and helping the less fortunate. He shows this kind hearted spirit by donating to charities and foundations. Some of the services that Lavin has been part of include Director of Sheba foundation, Trustee for Ronald McDonald House charities, Board Member of the Goodman Theatre and Board Member of Rush University Medical centre. In addition to this, he has actively contributed to a number of charities including the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMMS), Evans Scholarship Fund, United Negro college Fund, Jewish united Fund and the Inner city foundation.

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IDLife Products Have Changed The Game

There is no doubt that Logan Stout the owner of the new health and nutrition brand IDLife has completely changed the way people look at achieving their health and wellness goals. IDLife uses a personalized health assessment that each customer fills out on their own. This allows for customers to be matched with products that are just right for them and ensures they won’t end up with any products that might not help them meet the goals they are looking to achieve. People tend to prefer the approach IDLife has taken within the health and nutrition product area because it helps them pick products that they know will help them rather than them going to the store and buying products that they don’t need to help achieve their goals. Although IDLife offers products to control appetite and help with weight loss this is not their only product category as a brand. They also offer products of different categories of health and nutrition such as skincare, activity trackers, energy supplements, sleep management, hydration drinks, and they also have a kid’s line of products to help combat childhood obesity.

IDLife is not only extremely popular and continuously growing because of its personalized health assessments and product matching skills but it is also extremely popular because all their products are made from quality ingredients that you can understand what they are by reading them off the package. With IDLife there will be no more googling what one of the ingredients in a product are. Unlike other companies IDLife’s products have been backed by science meaning that their products have been proven to do what they were made and intended to do. This will eliminate unnecessary buying of products that don’t have any science proven studies of working. Not only can customers have peace of mind about their products that they matched with working for them, but they can also have peace of mind knowing these products are made with quality ingredients for the most reasonable price point around. IDLife’s mission is to not only change lives but to do it in the most helpful way possible by providing people with the resources they need to reach the goals in which they have set. When people tend to go on diets and end up buying a bunch of random products to help from the store they usually end up getting stuff that is wrong for them and their goals.

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The are elements so unique about Lime Crime founder Doe Deere that they have impacted the way she does business. Her approach to the world of makeup is characterized by an unforgiving straightforwardness that aims at making a statement. Learn more:

Doe Deere is agreeably a business leader in a class of her own and an individual willing to venture out and challenge the status quo. Her cult brand Lime Crime seeks to make artistic expression experimenting with bright colors and almost awkward styles. Learn more:

Lime Crime brands are seen as revolutionary. As if to underline the importance of this aspect, Doe Deere is often spotted in a purple/pink hairstyle or one that may not simply fit any fashion description.

Doe Deere was born in Russia and raised in New York and strives to prove cosmetics are not just a means of concealing imperfections but aims at reaching self expression and freedom. Lime Crime Cosmetics was founded in 2008 and quickly took root as a colorful, magical and somewhat cruel approach to the hitherto silent world. Learn more;

Lime Crime has gone ahead to be a bold and vibrant with its line of animal-friendly cosmetic products. With a huge international following and a penchant for social media. Doe Deere, in fact, claims that a good part of her life is driven by the calendar on her phone. She describes the origin of her brand name as a combination of her favorite color, lime, and a daring approach to creating make-ups that might well, be declared illegal! And she has so far achieved a good deal of her ambitions, and her line of products is serving a market of its own carving.

Deere is a supporter of other small starters especially women in small businesses.She frequently gives talks on the subject of finding your own path and voice. Among other events, she attends the PHAMExpo and Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour.

It is clear that though using unconventional means to achieve the end, Doe Deere and her Lime Crime brand are making an impact in the fashion world. As more and more people get influenced by this rather weird makeup style, it remains to be seen what the company has in stock for the future. Learn more:

Ultimately Lime Crime is challenging the fashion world to look things from a different perspective. On her part, Doe Deere encourages women especially in the younger generation to venture out there and jump into whatever outfit best accentuates their moods, the moment and generally makes them comfortable. Learn more:


Alexandre Gama One of the Top Advertising Specialists in All of Brazil

Alexandre Gama is the Global Chief Creative Officer for Neogama, which is one of the 20 biggest sports advertising agencies in all of Brazil. Alexandre is, to date, the only Brazilian to be on the global network of agencies as a Global Chief Creative Officer (WCCO) of the British-based agency network of professional sports advertisers. Alexandre is also the only Brazilian on the entire board of the Publicis Groupe Global Creative Board which is a committee made of up of six worldwide creative leaders who are part of the holding company.

Alexandre Gama received a degree from the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP) in advertising and communications. His advertising career began in 1982 soon as he graduated when he began working with Ogilvy & Mather where he worked as a creative and copywriter. By 1990 he moved on to DM9 as a copyrighter and a creative director where he continued to blossom, and his whole career has continued to move up and forward from there.




Lori Senecal’s Contributions to Society

What does the word “CEO” conjure up? Many people would think of a male. He’s probably in his forties or fifties – maybe even his sixties – with graying hair. This male wears a good suit, probably from a high end brand. His style is impeccable. However, some companies defy this expectation. Their CEOs are females – often with the same impeccable style and business skills that get males to the top and then some.

One of these female CEOs is Lori Senecal. She became the CEO of PB&C in 2015, after a lengthy time as CEO of MBS. Huffpost interviewed her in March of that same year, and she spoke at the 2016 3% Conference. Certainly, she’s a role model to admire in a world of male power.

The 3% Conference – one of the more notable accomplishments in her career – is a conference that encourages the women who attend. The whole goal is to raise the percentage of female CEOs from 3% to 11%, hence the number three in the name. Her appearance at the conference corresponded with a panel called “Sheroes”, which focused on female heroes. Among other notable women, this is an accomplishment for such a young name in the field.

As for her interview with Huffpost, this offered readers a chance to see into her business methods and how her background played into her method. She spoke of her place in the lineup of siblings – she was the youngest of the talented siblings. The drive to become distinguished from her sisters, she noted, has served her well beyond making a name for herself that would prevent her family from comparing her to her siblings.

However, the most important aspect of this interview was that she divulged what she did at KBS that she thinks has made a long lasting impact on the company. She worked with other women in the company and mentored them. By offering to mentor the new generation of female workers, she hoped that they would be more comfortable in advancing in the workplace and in making the changes happen before the company might’ve noticed their need of recognition.

Overall, Lori Senecal has contributed so much to society. She cannot go unknown. With few female CEOs in today’s business world, this makes her contributions to the business world even more important.