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Investing banks perform essential financial services. They are instrumental in providing financial advisory services to governments and business agencies and institutions. They act as an intermediary between public investors and securities providers. They facilitate mergers and acquisitions and other corporate financial dealings. Also, they involve in other retail activities and serve other individual small customers. Investment banking is mainly concerned in enabling investors and governments achieve their strategic goals through financing and other capital raising activities. Investment banking is, therefore, the core of the banking industry.

Investment banks have numerous other functions that help shape and build the economy and financial investment institutions, governments, and investors. They play a significant role in advising buyers and sellers on acquisitions and mergers, business valuation, negotiations, structuring, and pricing. Also, they provide a procedure for implementation of such transactions. Other essential functions include risk management, financial control, corporate strategy, compliance, operations, and technology.

Their duties in the financial and commercial platform are distinctively capital market intermediation and trading. Additionally, they are usually in the center of capital formation and price setting. Interest rates are influenced by the interplay of both commercial and investment banks; this determines the profitability of savings and the cost of borrowing.

When talking about investment banking, the name that certainly comes into mind is Madison Street Capital. It is a reputable international bank that has a notable track record in the field of investment banking. Its core values are founded on the principles of integrity, excellence and efficient service delivery to its clients. It mainly focuses on the provision of financial advisory services to both private and public business entities. Also, it provides corporate financial advisory, expert analysis and advice on mergers and acquisitions, valuation and financial analysis and opinion.

Madison Street Capital in a global investment bank, it has branches not only in the US but also in Africa and Asia. Its headquarters is situated Chicago Illinois. The bank has an experienced staff that is dedicated to efficient service delivery. It has provided it clients with exceptional services in middle market investment banking, restructuring services and valuation. Additionally, it also deals with mergers and acquisitions for Hedge funds, corporate advisory services, and valuation for financial reporting.

It has been supporting a charity organization called United Way. It is a global organization that is concerned with improving the life of vulnerable communities by providing education, health, and financial independence through partnering with schools, churches, financial institutions, neighborhoods, and governments.

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Madison Street Capital CEO Honored With Prestigious Award

The chief executive officer of investment firm Madison Street Capital was selected by an M&A Advisory panel as the recipient of the group’s emerging leaders award. Anthony Marsala was chosen because of his impressive skill in the investment banking industry and his numerous past accomplishments working with Madison Street Capital and other firms. An independent panel of judges made up of prominent figures in the finance industry selected Anthony Marsala as the winner of the prestigious award after much debate.

Mr. Marsala said he is very happy to receive the award and that it is a great honor to be awarded with such a prestigious title at his age. He also went on to say that receiving this award would not be possible, without the support of his staff and colleagues at Madison Street Capital who helped him grow the firm.

The M&A Advisor’s emerging leader award was created in 2010.  Recently the M&A Advisor organization expanded to include candidates in Europe as well as in the United States. President of the M&A Organization David Ferguson says that “the award now represents the best finance professionals from around the globe, not just domestically in the United States.” The president also added, “that he hoped the emerging leaders award offered by his group will continue to spur the industry and its leaders to new heights and innovation that will benefit people.”

Anthony Marsala, the winner of the 2016 Annual Emerging Leaders around from M&A advisor has worked with Madison Street Capital for over a decade. Mr. Marsala is also a co-founder of Madison Street Capital and has been instrumental in overseeing the growth and expansion of the firm. Last year, Mr. Marsala was named by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts as one of the top under forty professionals in the industry. He is also set to take part in the Crain’s Leadership Academy Program this year in Chicago.

It has three oversees offices which help manage oversees transactions and investments. Its African office is located in Accra, Ghana. The firm has two offices in India in the cities of Haryana and West Bengal. Madison Street Capital specializes in serving small and medium sized businesses with accessing oversees markets, valuation, mergers, acquisitions, restructuring and portfolio analysis.

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