George Soros Responds to the Hate

For decades, George Soros, billionaire hedge fund manager, has received constant abuse and accusations from right-wing conspiracy theorists and Republicans in general. Most of the hate comes from an earlier career achievement, where he earned one billion dollars by shorting the British pound.

That’s when the conspiracy theorists starting following his every move. The rest of the political right didn’t take notice of him until he made a comment about George W. Bush running again. He said he’d be willing to trade his fortune if it meant that W. Bush would be reelected. Of course, that pissed off everyone on the other side.

The JPost article that talks about his response to all the hate refers to the demonization of philanthropy. It’s hard to make philanthropy seem bad, but somehow, Republicans figured out a way. Every time Soros does something wonderful, the other side reports it as though he’s a terrorist trying to destroy America.

It’s honestly gotten to point where Soros is getting sick of the attacks and all the accusations. Every time they attack his actions, it belittles philanthropy as an act. It makes a lot of people not want to give to charity if it means they’ll be attacked just for trying to help.

Luckily, Soros hasn’t let it get to him. He continues to donate and lend a hand whenever and wherever he can. His Open Society Foundations are the reason the NY Times did a recent article about him.

For the past 30-plus years, Soros has donated $800 and $900 million a year to his foundation. Now, his total donations have added up to $18 billion. As much as that sounds like, he plans on donating an additional $2 billion before 2020. Hopefully, that money will allow Open Society to support more programs in America.

Over the last two years, the United States has been struggling to combat hate. Since the 2016 election, hate has swept over the country like a dark wave. Millions of innocent people are victimized and attacked for being different from their oppressors.

In Soros’s own words, the nation must stand against these atrocities. The evil that’s consuming the United States mustn’t be allowed to win. It’s important that more people follow Soros’s path and take a stand against hate and abuse.

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