Desiree Perez

Making it in the entertainment business is no easy feat. Whether it’s as a performer or on the corporate side of things, the expectations are brutal and can crush all but the most competent candidates. When sifting through the numbers of successful members of this field one does not have to go far before the name Desiree Perez comes up. Many insiders of industry know Perez well. She has dedicated her career to cultivating a reputation for being someone who gets things done. Any client Perez takes on often walks away with more than they dared to hope for. This is thanks to another praised skill of Perez’s, her ability to fight for her clients and company.

These traits have won Perez innumerable friends in field. One of such close friends and work partners is Jay-Z. Jay-Z’s transition from performer to a flourishing business was no easy task. The undertaking required many difficult negotiations, detailed planning, and prompt execution. He quickly found that Perez was the right person for the job and has relied on her business acumen since. In 2008 Perez led key negotiations with Live Nation on behalf of ROC Nation. Later, in 2009 she was named Chief Operating officer of ROC Nation.

Jay-Z is not the only friend Perez has earned with her business savvy. Perez worked closely with Rihanna while planning her Anti tour. During this time they not only became personal friends but Rihanna was able to see Perez at work, quickly learning that this was a good friend to have. During her bout with Rihanna, Perez succeeded in a key negotiation with Samsung. In the deal, they agreed to provide $25 million in promotions for the tour. Thanks to this deal Rihanna was able to elevate her status as a big name performer, becoming a giant in the industry.

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