Patty Rocklade: Towards Philanthropy and Therapy

Therapy is a profession that requires more than just academic qualifications and experience. It requires professionals to go the extra mile to help their clients. Having a philanthropic heart sets a professional on a path towards success as the profession requires genuine care in order to establish the required connection with the client. One professional who has seamless interwoven her philanthropic demeanor with her profession is Patty Rocklade. A psychotherapist operating within the Greater Boston Area, Rocklade is a philanthropic professional who believes in giving back to the society. Together her husband, Dr. Scott Rocklade, she helped in financing the renovation of one of the labs at MIT. Her husband is an alumnus of the prestigious learning institution. Through their contributions, the Rocklades hope that the incoming and current students will have the opportunity to excel. It was a gift the family the Chemistry Department to ensure its scholarly dispensation and researches in nanochemistry and nanotechnology programs are sustained. The university honored their generous contributions with a plague.

Skills and Specialization

Patty Rocklade is one of the leading psychotherapists in the Greater Boston Area. In her practice, she specializes in family and family cases. With over two decades of experience in the industry, the Sudbury resident is committed to using her acquired skills, experience and education background to help families and couples overcoming the various life challenges that they may face. Patty Rocklade has modeled her practice around inclusivity where the clients are encouraged to actively participate in the process of resolving the life’s struggles that are affecting their relationships.You can also follow her on twitter:

She is a licensed psychotherapist having been licensed in Massachusetts. She graduated from University of Southern California in 1981. Over the years, she has developed important professional skills, which helped in her professional success. Patty Rocklade has excelled communication skills. She is also a good public speaker, which has played a key role in the development of her teaching skills. In addition, she has acquired community outreach skills. This has been key in her commitment to identifying the cause of challenges in families and marriages and working towards an inclusive solution. Moreover, Patty Rocklade is an excellent life coach and team builder.

Adam Milstein, Confident and Successful

Born in Israel, Adam Milstein is now the managing partner of Hagar Pacific properties, a successful real estate investment firm. Born in Haifa, after serving in the Yom Kippur war in 1973, he went on to university at the Technion in that same city. That was also where he was married and had two daughters before moving to the United States.

In the United States, Milstein went on to receive his MBA from the University of Southern California, which is when he began working in commercial real estate. He is also a noted philanthropist, especially of Jewish causes, including co-founding the Israeli-American council. Milstein also sits on the board of several other organizations, as well as co-founding with his wife Sifriyat Pijama B’America, a program that sends books in Hebrew to Israeli-Jewish American families.

When interviewing with ideamensch, Milstein shows that he is confident in his choices and decisions, indicating that he would not have changed any of the major decisions that led him on the path to becoming the person he currently is. Milstein pushes hard work as the best way to gain results, and credits his success to his effort and drive.

Unlike common advice, Milstein doesn’t set specific goals so he isn’t limited by specifics, but rather has the room to grow and expand. Rather than basing his planning on goals, he would work his hardest towards a long term vision. Milstein also cautions against the idea of trying to succeed big in a short time period, as that can lead to disappointment and failure. Rather, he stresses that you should follow up every lead, so as not to miss any opportunities.

A successful businessman, Milstein’s advice comes from experience in the business world, as well as experience leading numerous philanthropic ventures. Even within that, he gives a reminder that family is important, which gives a picture of a well-rounded man.


Eric Pulier Contributes To Society And Is Quite Successfull

Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and successful businessman. He began successfully working and database computers while in high school. That is when he started his first business he attended Harvard University in 1984 and became the editor of the Harvard crimson. While at Harvard he majored in American literature in English while also taking classes at MIT. He graduated in 1988 magna cum laude.

Eric Pulier started a company called People Doing Things in 1991 after moving to Los Angeles California. People Doing Things helps individuals in the areas of education, and health care along with other related humanitarian issues. Digital Evolution was created by Eric Pulier in 1994 and was later merged with us Interactive LLC. The merger in 1998 directed Eric Pulier to create Starbright, a worldwide social network that was created for the chronically ill children where they could interact with one another and chat, blog, and create content for others.

The Presidential Inaugural Committee selected pulley for 1997 to oversee the presidential technology exhibition. It was called the “bridge to the 21st century” and after the exhibition, he was an advisor to the healthcare and Technology Forum led by vice president Al Gore. He is also involved with the Clinton Global Initiative as a supporter and a participant.

Eric Pulier has dedicated his career to advancing the world around him and has used his experience and knowledge to create successful businesses and philanthropic endeavors that benefit various groups of needy people around the world. He continues to work toward creating successful environments to assist people in moving in a positive direction in their life while creating successful businesses that will facilitate those endeavors.

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Better Things Await North Texas Communities Following James Dondero’s New Partnership

James Dondero is the co-founder of the most experienced and the largest alternative investment managers, Highland Capital Management. In addition, he serves as the president of the firm that operates from Dallas. James Dondero’s hands-on management approach also applies to charitable giving. Despite of his company operating globally, he invests a large part of his giving locally.

James noted that their efforts to identify partners that would help them control their philanthropic budget led to Mary Jalonick as well as her team of professionals. Highland’s annual charitable giving budget had grown to over $3 million. Jalonick is the chief executive officer as well as the president of The Dallas Foundation.

James Dondero said that they picked The Dallas Foundation because of its achievements in the nonprofit area. It was also well rooted in the North Texas community. Jalonick alongside Jim evaluated policies for a charitable framework, which would be bold, aspirational, as well as effective. As a result, the Highland Dallas Foundation Inc was created to compliment The Dallas Foundation’s work.

In his philanthropic efforts, Jim has supported veteran, healthcare, and education initiatives in the Dallas community. He has expanded his charitable engagement to various civic organizations, which include The Bush Presidential Library, The Dallas Zoo, and The Perot Museum. Jim has accomplished that by partnering with The Dallas Foundation.

His business sharpness aligns with his philanthropic strategy. According to Jalonick, Jim employs multi-year grants in his philanthropy. They are crucial to nonprofit organizations due to their longevity as a sustainable source of funding.

Recently, Jim and The Dallas Foundation worked together in hiring Linda Owen, the Woodall Rodgers Foundation’s former CEO. She was also the foundation’s president. Serving in The Dallas Foundation, Owen focuses on Highland Dallas Foundation Inc. She works with nonprofit partners to achieve Jim’s vision of enhancing life in North Texas.

About James Dondero
James Dondero obtained the highest honors in accounting and finance when he graduated from the University of Virginia. Before creating Highland Capital Management, Jim worked in leading firms starting in 1984 to 1993. He held senior positions in GIC as well as American Express.

Dondero is a chartered financial analyst, certified public accountant, and a certified management accountant. His focus has been on high-yield in addition to distressed investing for the period he has worked in the credit and equity markets. James Dondero has been a pioneer with the collateralized loan obligation market. Presently, Jim is the president of Highland Capital Management.
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