Jason Hope- Focused on the Internet

Jason Hope, one of the leading voices in the technology world, has been a firm believer in the Internet of Things. This concept of having multiple devices that are sync and working together is one that Hope believes is the future. Hope has spoken about the topic several times and written about the subject extensively at Tech.co.

Jason Hope has been quoted as saying he thinks the Internet of Things will be the biggest advancement in the technology world in quite some time. The technology is already in place in many ways. The Internet of Things can be seen in devices that are part of daily life including street lights and electronic devices. This idea is great because it reduces waste and also allows devices to share a network and data.

Hope believes the Internet of Things has the ability to to completely change the way that businesses operate. As more and more businesses adopt this philosophy it will put pressure on other businesses to make the move. It will become more imperative for other companies to keep up with their pace. A world will be created in which almost all conceivable devices will connect with each other. This technology is not only convenient, but it is making our lives safer. You only have to look at public transportation systems to see this in action.

Jason Hope is a entrepreneur, futurist, philanthropist, and investor from Arizona. He is a graduate from Arizona State University, where he earned his degree in finance. He later earned an an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. He has become a go to voice in the world of technology. He also has become very known for his philanthropic work. His work is admired and respected by many. With his constant look toward the future he is sure to be heard from for many years to come.



Patty Rocklade: Towards Philanthropy and Therapy

Therapy is a profession that requires more than just academic qualifications and experience. It requires professionals to go the extra mile to help their clients. Having a philanthropic heart sets a professional on a path towards success as the profession requires genuine care in order to establish the required connection with the client. One professional who has seamless interwoven her philanthropic demeanor with her profession is Patty Rocklade. A psychotherapist operating within the Greater Boston Area, Rocklade is a philanthropic professional who believes in giving back to the society. Together her husband, Dr. Scott Rocklade, she helped in financing the renovation of one of the labs at MIT. Her husband is an alumnus of the prestigious learning institution. Through their contributions, the Rocklades hope that the incoming and current students will have the opportunity to excel. It was a gift the family the Chemistry Department to ensure its scholarly dispensation and researches in nanochemistry and nanotechnology programs are sustained. The university honored their generous contributions with a plague.

Skills and Specialization

Patty Rocklade is one of the leading psychotherapists in the Greater Boston Area. In her practice, she specializes in family and family cases. With over two decades of experience in the industry, the Sudbury resident is committed to using her acquired skills, experience and education background to help families and couples overcoming the various life challenges that they may face. Patty Rocklade has modeled her practice around inclusivity where the clients are encouraged to actively participate in the process of resolving the life’s struggles that are affecting their relationships.You can also follow her on twitter: https://twitter.com/procklage

She is a licensed psychotherapist having been licensed in Massachusetts. She graduated from University of Southern California in 1981. Over the years, she has developed important professional skills, which helped in her professional success. Patty Rocklade has excelled communication skills. She is also a good public speaker, which has played a key role in the development of her teaching skills. In addition, she has acquired community outreach skills. This has been key in her commitment to identifying the cause of challenges in families and marriages and working towards an inclusive solution. Moreover, Patty Rocklade is an excellent life coach and team builder.

Keith Mann: He Is A Go-Getter

In today’s day and age, there are people that go out and get things done. They are men and women of action. Sometimes people don’t realize that change can simply happen by doing something. Too often, they sit on the sidelines and they might say a few nice words and they might offer hope and encouragement, but what are they actually doing about it? Keith Mann is a go-getter and he does not just sit on the sidelines. He is in the game and he is taking action. It is the oldest expression in the book and that is because it is true: actions speak louder than words.


Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners is all about actions. It is not easy to hold a fundraiser and raise over twenty-two thousand dollars for the Uncommon School Districts as they are opening up a new school and need money for testing. That is a lot of money and it requires a lot of work and a lot of grit. There is planning involved and it requires getting a lot of people on the same page. Keith Mann knows it is worth it, however, and these kids are worth it. They are worth it because they are good kids that simply want to show what they are made of and they simply want an opportunity.


When they get that opportunity, they are really going to run with it and do some extraordinary things. Inside of them, there is a lot of passion and heart. That is what is needed to achieve things in life and do big things. In many cases, they can look at Keith Mann and look to him as inspiration. Nothing has come easy for him and nothing has been handed to him. However, that is the way he likes it. He believes in rolling up his sleeves, getting down to business, and having success.


He knows these kids have that same mentality and they are going to do some wonderful things because of all they have had to overcome and endure in their lives. They are ready for this and they were built for this.