How Traveling Vineyard Is Different From A Regular Job

One thing that people often dread is going to work. This is especially true after the weekend. However, they have to do it to continue to support themselves. Often times, they have to do some kind of job that they don’t want or work with people that get on their nerves. As a result, they find themselves dealing with a lot of undue stress. There is an alternative for the regular job. People can work for themselves and decide on the hours that they want to work. This gives them a lot of freedom. At the same time, they often find themselves doing the type of work they love so much that they tend to work longer hours.

Among the work they can do is be a wine guide. This is actually one of the most fulfilling jobs for some people. Basically, one is paid to know and love wine. Perhaps the best part of working as a wine guide is being a part of the business opportunity provided by Traveling Vineyard. One thing that could be said about Traveling Vineyard is that they have a really good business model that gives people a lot of freedom as to when they could work.

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With the freedom comes the unlimited earning opportunities. This is another difference that makes people take Traveling Vineyard over their regular job. Chances are that people who are working their regular job are given limited pay and limited time to work. As a result, their ability to pay their bills is limited. Therefore, they have to make sure that they are careful with the amount of money they are spending. Traveling Vineyard could work as a supplement to one’s income. It could also be helpful for people that want to make it into a full-time career and serve tons of clients.

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Alexandre Gama Is A Reputable Advertising Professional

Looking for advertising or marketing assistance? Alexandre Gama is a reliable marketing expert and advertising consultant. Alexandre Gama has been delivering fabulous services in the advertising industry and is well respected by his clients and colleagues. Alexandre Gama possesses the resources and knowledge to meet the needs of his clients.

If you want top notch advertising or marketing solutions for your business or organization, you can get expert assistance from Alexandre Gama. He renders professional services that help businesses attract attention of their potential customers.

There are so many marketing and advertising solutions providers out there, that it can be a challenging task deciding on which one to choose. Before you decide on the best marketing or advertising agency for your needs, it is imperative to find out about the reputation and experience of the marketing firm you have in mind.

Alexandre Gama is well known for delivering outstanding ad campaigns management and effective marketing solutions to companies, business owners and organizations. Countless entrepreneurs, corporations and establishments turn to Alexandre Gama for his expertise. Alexandre Gama comes highly recommended and can guide you in creating and implementing advertising campaigns to generate more sales and revenue.

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This New Podcast Will Scare and Excite You

Norman Pattiz, who is chairman and the founder of PodcastOne, one of the biggest podcast networks in the country, announced that there will be a new podcast entitled Beyond the Darkness, which will explore topics such as aliens, monsters, ghosts, ghouls, demons, angels, etc. Basically, all paranormal topics will be explored in this new podcast.

It will run on the podcast network of Chris Jericho, who is well known and has one of the largest podcast networks on the PodcastOne system. It will be hosted by Tim Dennis and Dave Schrader. They are both well known radio hosts and producers. A new episode will be released every single MOnday. You can get it on the PodcastOne website, on the PodcastOne app, and on the iTunes app.

Chris Jericho is a WWE star. However, his podcast is far from limited to wrestling. As Norman Pattiz said, he knows that Chris Jericho is a jewel, and he knew that his podcast network will go far beyond wrestling, as it did with comedians and now with the paranormal. Chris Jericho was equally as excited as he said that he loves Tim Dennis and Dave Schrader and he hopes that everyone will love the new podcast.

Norman Pattiz founded PodcastOne. However, he also founded Westwood One, which is the radio giant network that works with hundreds of radio stations around the country to bring them renowned radio hosts such as Laura Ingraham. The PodcastOne network serves such big names as well, including the Forbes Magazine online podcast. In fact, over two hundred of the most popular podcasts are on PodcastOne. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

According to Forbes, Norman Pattiz has over 30 years in the broadcasting industry. He was appointed to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America by both President Bush and President Clinton. He received the Giants of Broadcasting Award from the Library of American Broadcasting. He was also inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame along with other radio giants.

Norman launched the Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010, which helps produce shows for big name hosts. Two years later, he founded PodcastOne, realizing the potential the on demand online talk show industry has.

Big names such as Larry King and Dr. Drew use this network for their podcasts. He launched America’s Arabic language broadcasting network, which broadcasts to twenty two Middle Eastern countries, as well as to Iran in the Farsi language. Norman is also chairman of Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Security Laboratories.

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Bruno Fagali Is A Prominent Attorney In Brazil

Are you wondering what kind of lawyer you need for your legal problem? Want to know if an administrative lawyer can help you resolve your legal matter? Lawyers can certainly help immensely in resolving business or personal legal issues.

Bruno Fagali is a well known administrative law attorney in Brazil. Bruno Fagali has been in practice for many years and comes highly recommended in the industry.

An administrative lawyer handles cases that involve federal, state or local government agencies. An administrative attorney can advise or represent you in cases affecting your business or professional life.

If you think government rules or regulations, either federal or state, are negatively affecting your business or professional, you may want to speak to an administrative lawyer.

Research lawyers and law firm that offer administrative law and public law solutions. There are many of them out there but be sure to do your homework and find someone that has the experience and reputation to address your matter properly.

Bruno Fagali is highly knowledgeable and competent when it comes to areas such as administrative law, regulatory law, electoral law, compliance and urban law. Bruno Fagali has handled numerous cases for clients in this area of law, and can help you attain a great outcome.

Bruno Fagali makes it a priority to build beneficial relationships with his clients and his peers. Bruno Fagali has extensive legal experience, and strives to render high quality representation to each of his clients. Bruno Fagali graduated from University of Sao Paulo and has Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Administrative Law and Public Law.

Mr. Bruno Fagali speaks fluently in Spanish, English, French, and Portuguese. Bruno Fagali is well liked and respected due to his vast knowledge of law, great personality, and superior service.


Lori Senecal’s Contributions to Society

What does the word “CEO” conjure up? Many people would think of a male. He’s probably in his forties or fifties – maybe even his sixties – with graying hair. This male wears a good suit, probably from a high end brand. His style is impeccable. However, some companies defy this expectation. Their CEOs are females – often with the same impeccable style and business skills that get males to the top and then some.

One of these female CEOs is Lori Senecal. She became the CEO of PB&C in 2015, after a lengthy time as CEO of MBS. Huffpost interviewed her in March of that same year, and she spoke at the 2016 3% Conference. Certainly, she’s a role model to admire in a world of male power.

The 3% Conference – one of the more notable accomplishments in her career – is a conference that encourages the women who attend. The whole goal is to raise the percentage of female CEOs from 3% to 11%, hence the number three in the name. Her appearance at the conference corresponded with a panel called “Sheroes”, which focused on female heroes. Among other notable women, this is an accomplishment for such a young name in the field.

As for her interview with Huffpost, this offered readers a chance to see into her business methods and how her background played into her method. She spoke of her place in the lineup of siblings – she was the youngest of the talented siblings. The drive to become distinguished from her sisters, she noted, has served her well beyond making a name for herself that would prevent her family from comparing her to her siblings.

However, the most important aspect of this interview was that she divulged what she did at KBS that she thinks has made a long lasting impact on the company. She worked with other women in the company and mentored them. By offering to mentor the new generation of female workers, she hoped that they would be more comfortable in advancing in the workplace and in making the changes happen before the company might’ve noticed their need of recognition.

Overall, Lori Senecal has contributed so much to society. She cannot go unknown. With few female CEOs in today’s business world, this makes her contributions to the business world even more important.

How The UKV PLC Sells Their Products

Innovation and entrepreneurship is based on the ability to see gaps in the market and fill them with the products that the customers will appreciate. While there are many people that like going to the wine store for a look at the products that are available, there is another demographic that would rather have the best delivered to their doorstep, regardless of the cost.

These are the target consumers that UKV PLC had in mind when they were starting their business. The company is based in the UK, but they have spread their influence to several other countries in Europe and are on the path to becoming really successful in the wine industry.

The first thing that the company did is that they looked for a reliable source of wine for their customers. They looked for farmers with the best vineyards in Spain, Italy and France. They business structure is so organized that they give support and advice to their farmers about the practices that will yield them superior quality products and other support services. They also take care of the collection and distribution of the wines.

The company has a website through which one can order the wines. As mentioned, these wines retail anywhere between several hundred pounds into the thousands. They also carry an assortment of some of the best champagne brands in the world. They deliver the products after the ordering process is completed. Accessories that are part of the wine taking industry are also sold on the site.

In case you want to become a retailer of their products, it is possible to join their program. Other people that can benefit from their business model are collectors of expensive wines for their cellars. As a wine seller, they will help you with the opportunity of brokerage at a certain cost. You can connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more information on their products.

Todd Lubar – A Life Filled With Success

Todd Lubar is a successful businessman having worked in the financial service industry for more than twenty years. In the year 1995 he worked as a loan originator with Crestar Mortgage Corporation. During his work there, he established contacts that motivated him towards his success and he soon discovered that he had the ability to work in real estate, something that gave him the chance to live a quality life with his family and still able to help other people.

In the year 1999, according to,  he began working with Legacy Financial group. This had a great impact on him since it enabled him to become a loan broker to investors and also a direct mortgage for bank.

Todd Lubar became the founder of residential development company legendary properties in the year 2002. This position enabled him to purchase, rehabilitate and make tremendous sales to over two hundred families and family owned properties. He acquired more than enough experience that allowed him to develop and increase connections through which he could sell his properties.

Soon enough, he was able to develop close ties with large and developed banking institutions and could access credit worth 20 million and more. The mortgage banking business enabled Todd to create connection with First Magnus Corporation-the largest privately owned mortgage companies in the United States. He later increased his access to capital and expands his operations by opening a charter funding in year 2003- a First Magnus subsidiary.

Todd Lubar was familiar in his niche market having worked with more than 7,000 clients who had tried to acquire finance from other traditional means but had failed. Through his confidence, understanding and the overall knowledge to analyze risks, he found the need to develop Legendary Financial that was meant to fill that gap.

The crisis in the mortgage industry made Lubar make diverse changes in his field which included the recycling of metals, automotive scrap and commercial demolition among others. This lines of business became very successful such that he was contacted by large demolition companies for contracts and his metal recycling is still traded publicly to date.

Currently, Todd Lubar resides in Bethesda Maryland. He is passionate in spending time with his two children and loves adventure. He aims at developing even a better version of himself as he continues to impact value to people he meets every day.

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Why Becoming A Wine Educator With The Traveling Vineyard May Be Your Ideal Business Opportunity

The Traveling Vineyard offers individuals an opportunity to earn money by holding in-home wine tasting parties and then collecting orders for the company’s products. Prior in-depth knowledge of wine isn’t necessary, since training is provided; nevertheless, enthusiasm and an upbeat personality are important.

Wine Is Easy To Sell

Being a representative of The Traveling Vineyard has numerous benefits, however, the key benefit is that the exclusive artisan wines are easy to sell. Like other direct selling businesses, The Traveling Vineyard’s independent representatives, called Wine Guides, earn their income based on sales, however, Wine Guides do not really sell, they educate. Once potential customers taste a wine, enjoy it and then learn what foods to pair the wine with, they buy a bottle without a hard sell. After all, people do not attend wine tastings unless they already enjoy wine and the majority of attendees appreciate the chance to learn more about wines in a fun in-home tasting with their friends.

Additional Benefits Of Being A Wine Guide

Men and women seeking a direct selling business opportunity typically seek an option that will allow them to earn a decent amount of money without a major investment and without stockpiling a great deal of merchandise. The Traveling Vineyard is ideal for individuals who would enjoy teaching others about wine while earning commissions that reflects the amount of work that they put into their business. While The Traveling Vineyard’s low start up cost includes supplies for the Wine Guide’s first two tastings, the fee also includes comprehensive training. Wine Guides do not stock wines either; The Traveling Vineyard ships the orders that the Wine Guide takes at wine tastings.

The Business End

While being a Wine Guide for The Traveling Vineyard offers a great deal of flexibility, most in-home tastings take place during the evening or on weekends. Men and women who make being a Wine Guide a career, as opposed to a part-time effort for extra income, will want to create a home office to stay organized. While Wine Guides do not have to keep any wine in their home except for tasting kits, there is a certain amount of paperwork associated with the business.

Becoming a Wine Guide is worth investigating if you would like your own home business and you believe that you would enjoy educating others about wine

Kate brings it, Fabletics.

The internet has caused an entire set of new business issues that probably will become the new normal for marketing strategies involved with obtaining consumers who are purchasing high end products and especially fashion. In the fashion industry some negative forces are at play for which the industry is placing the blame squarely on the new online shopping sites that have exclusively low prices as compared to the price points in stores. The in store price point is effected by common business expenditures like those that arise from operating a physical store. Because many online store do not have this type of overhead, online prices are traditionally lower than brick and mortars can set their prices. Convenience is also a large factor contributing to the shift in consumer behavior but to a somewhat lesser extent.


Another lesser known issue is that high end companies obtain exclusivity with a higher price point, and this exclusivity along with providing a high quality product was the old method by which high end consumers choose brands in which they become loyal, repetitive customers. This strategy has been so effective that it was a formula for success versus an untested marketing strategy. However, one of the main reasons the strategy was effective was because physical stores were the easiest method to buy a product without regard to the method by which the consumer first encounters the particular goods they are interested in prior to the internet. The internet now combines the methods by which products are advertised and the ability to buy the product in the most effective way since companies began to utilize mail order with the same magazines in which they advertised.


However, the time required to receive the product is shorter than mail ordered products. Even more problematic for any business, online consumers consider receiving products purchased online more convenient, and in many cases, quicker than even visiting a physical store. The phenomenon of showrooming is beginning to become a real negative for fashion businesses also. Showrooming occurs because online shoppers cannot physically experience the product that they are interested in unless they come into a physical store. These stores lose business while having the same expensive overhead because these high end shoppers often return to the online outlets to benefit from the convenience and lower price of an online source for the product.


The new fashion brand Fabletics is taking an opportunity to exploit this consumer shift very successfully. This company’s 5,000 percent growth rate in only three years since its founding is a cautionary tale for those still utilizing old marketing techniques. This type of growth means that Fabletics and its open minded business model is the new giant. However, for new start ups and entrepreneurs for which the digital revolution is the only normal has a huge opportunity to utilize this new model for success that Fabletics and its founder Kate Hudson has provided. The proof that innovative marketing strategies like reverse-showrooming are effective is in the exponential growth that this innovative athletic lifestyle brand is incurring.

Donald Scott NYC: Straight Razor 101

Using a straight razor as a hair cutting tool has many benefits. However, one of the most important ones is that the straight razor tool can give you much more control over the hair cutting process. With a variety of blade lengths, weights and sharpness, the cut style can change just by the way the stylist holds the tool. With the hand of a experienced stylist, a Donald Scott NYC straight razor can create amazing results.


Some of the most popular techniques for using this tool at Donald Scott NYC is the reverse freehand stroke, backhand stroke and the reverse backhand stroke. While there are several types of straight razors, one of the most popular used to cut hair is a light weight razor with a guard.


Donald Scott NYC offers a variety of products, such as exclusive patented razor tools that provide precision and creative power to hair stylists. For example, their swivel twist razor provides two cutting tools in one and revolutionizes the way stylists can use a straight razor.